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Thinking Outside the Boxe continues to conduct a number of in-depth studies on topics ranging from a national rail system for 21st century America to tax reform to America as the world’s only superpower. On these and many other topics, we have taken an uncommon perspective. While this more than likely places us in a minority, our uncommon positions are presented in an effort to present alternative perspectives in order to open debate on crucial issues–business, social, and political–in today’s world.

Our goal is to provide intellectually stimulating commentaries that provoke thought by our readers and the public. Some of our most provocative articles have addressed issues such as foreign aid, religious fanaticism, national identification cards, immigration, airport security and more. From our proposal to liquidate some U.S. commercial airlines in order to save the industry to our proposals for Iraq to our solutions for the geopolitical problems surrounding Iran and North Korea, our views and commentaries have sparked significant controversy. Our efforts to provide rousing opinions embody our commitment to invoking thought and debate as well as a free exchange of ideas amongst our readers and the public.

What Our Readers Think

“After checking out this website, I found information that had never occurred to me before. I found articles about politics at home and abroad and the necessity for a three party system. I couldn’t believe the opinions and articles that were posted! If you want to learn something from another perspective, this is definitely a place to check out. I was amazed that this website has been publishing quality articles since 2004, and I hadn’t heard about it.” Madison C.—Orlando, FL ”

Thinking Outside the Boxe has really opened my eyes to what is going on in our country and the world.” Isla C.—Florence, SC

“This website keeps me informed without getting politics involved. Keep up the good work.” Ronnie S.—Chattanooga, TN

“I do watch a lot of TV because of the media spin. Thinking Outside the Boxe gives me insightful and impartial analysis of relevant topics.” Jeff L.—Wytheville, VA

“It is important that we have websites such as Thinking Outside the Boxe who are not afraid to report the facts or step on any toes.” Larry Y.—Murrells Inlet, SC