Is the recent shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and others the result of the media’s impact on the shooter and others with the same mindset?

From Our Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent

If anyone is responsible for the recent shooting of Congressman Scalise and others on that Alexandria, Virginia ball field on Flag Day and Donald Trump’s birthday, it is not only the shooter, but most certainly the media and its influence over him. He definitely got his ideas from somewhere, and they were evident from his face book page where he described the president as a traitor, a destroyer of democracy and “It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.” postings. Continue reading

Is “good enough” the new standard for manual labor, and pride in your work a thing of the past?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent– It’s difficult to generalize about the quality of work because quality is usually a subjective measure. My standard for what constitutes a good job may differ from other people’s standards. A worker may be praised for his work quality by his immediate supervisor, but the big boss may be dissatisfied with that same job. Continue reading

Prison Inmates in a Colorado have been given computer tablets to use to call family, play games, read and listen to music. Is this a good or bad move?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-Inmates aren’t saints. In fact, the reason for their confinement is because of the lack of regard they’ve shown for life and others. They’ve done the crime; hence, doing the time. Of late, however, inmates in Colorado were seen with computer tablets to use for communication, entertainment, and research. Though the mass might disagree, I do believe that’s a good move, at least for several reasons. Continue reading

The mayor and city council of New Orleans have called for the removal of various Civil War era monuments in the city. Should this have been allowed to happen, and should the citizens of New Orleans have had a voice in the decision?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent- The removal of the Civil War monuments in New Orleans has been the cause of much brouhaha over the last few weeks, and the city administration hasn’t done itself any favors with the cloak-and-dagger way it’s taken on the job. Anything that a government chooses to undertake under cover of darkness rather than in the light of day automatically garners a patina of suspicion and intrigue that it would not normally qualify for. Continue reading

Free speech on college campuses is turning into no free speech for anyone but protestors. Is free speech being compromised at the behest of protestors?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-One of the most disheartening trends of the past fifty years is the increased intolerance of “non-mainstream” ideas on college campuses. In the 1960s, student radicals were heard loud and clear protesting war, big business, capitalism, right-wing politics, and advocating for communism, socialism, peace not war, sexual freedom, and liberalization of drug laws. Continue reading

Should public schools in America be allowed to have Muslim prayer rooms?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Most opinions regarding Muslim prayer rooms in schools or other accommodations to religious groups in public places are centered around the Constitutional issue of separation of Church and State. And for a good reason, because if we don’t adhere to the rule of law as a nation, we are doomed to chaos, anarchy, and the rule of men. Continue reading

What are the benefits of local Farmers Markets versus large grocery chains and big box stores?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-There are a number of benefits of utilizing local farmer’s markets versus large grocery chains and big box stores. For one thing, produce shoppers are interested in freshness rather than lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables that have been harvested too soon and have been sitting in vegetable and fruit bins longer than they should have been which contributes to lower nutritional value, freshness and taste. Continue reading

Should airlines be able to kick off paying passengers once they are onboard a flight?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Most travelers forget that their airline ticket is a legally binding contract with the carrier. They all have provisions for what can be done with extra passengers on overbooked flights. In the case of most airlines, their entire contract could fill a hefty book, and the section on removing passengers from their seats on the plane once they are onboard is detailed and extensive. Continue reading

In the wake of the Steve Stephens murder video and other viral video posts showing suicides and the beating of a disabled man, should Facebook be punished or penalized for not filtering this sort of content?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Facebook should be penalized in some way for not filtering this sort of content, which has been going on for entirely too long. Ever since Facebook Live was launched almost a year ago, predators, degenerates, sociopaths and other criminals of varying persuasions have been enabled in their pursuits to publicize and live stream their crimes. Shootings, rapes, torture, suicides and other related situations have been provided by witnesses that have posted to Facebook but Steve Stephens preparing to commit murder and uploading the act itself was out of bounds and something that Facebook was not directly prepared to take down. Continue reading

Are schools teaching kids the skills they need to succeed?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-That’s actually a good question. I’d like to think that I didn’t turn out bad, but I wouldn’t attribute my accomplishments to the skills I acquired at school.

Success is viewed differently, depending on the individuals involved. Success, for me at least, is not dependent on the height of my bank account, the clothes I wear, nor the assets I’ve procured; not at all. Continue reading