Symposium 2015: Should open carry with appropriate background checks and licensing be permitted in all 50 states as a federal regulation?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Open carry should be permitted in all 50 states,  not as a federal regulation,  but as a state-by-state regulation as a number of states already have open carry  with background checks and appropriate license and permit procedures in place.

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Symposium 2015: Now that same sex marriage has been legalized, is it time to legalize polygamy?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-Whether you’d like it or not, let me first add that our country, the world on a whole, is suffering from moral laxity. What was seen as abnormal by societal and Biblical standards years ago, are now frowned upon. Then, it’s no surprise same sex marriage has been legalized. Could it be that we’re running in the lowest sink of debauchery? ABSOLUTELY! As if legalizing same sex marriage was not abhorrent enough, there’s talk to legalize polygamy. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Should unemployment and welfare benefits be tied to community service?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-More and more Americans unable to find work are drawing unemployment and welfare. The negative side of this pervasive problem is that getting paid for too much free time becomes an open invitation to an irresistible lifestyle for some. Who wouldn’t like to get paid for doing nothing?  This way of life has developed a group of complacent individuals otherwise known as freeloaders or leeches. Though some are genuinely concerned about finding work and the satisfaction of providing for themselves and their families, the lackadaisical types are more comfortable maintaining a moocher lifestyle. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Is year round education good for student learning?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-As the brother of a career middle school teacher and the son of a college professor, I am deeply suspicious of “fads” in education.  From New Math to Common Core, periodically some well-meaning idiot comes up with a fantastic new idea that’s going to make our kids smarter, our country stronger, our whites whiter and our colors brighter…or something like that. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Federal and state governments are rife with fraud and waste. How do we combat this? Is there any way to stop this?

Owatanna, MN Correspondent-The only way to reduce, if not eliminate, fraud and waste from governments is to reduce the size and scope of government. With the federal government in particular, its size has increased enormously in the last 100 years. State governments are less of a problem since most have some sort of regulations requiring a balanced budget. Nevertheless, state governments are just as liable to waste money or commit fraud with taxpayer dollars. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Should members of the Congress be allowed to gain financially from their positions? What should we do about this, if anything?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-No member of Congress should be allowed to gain financially from their positions.  The problem with federal legislators is that many come to their elected positions already wealthy from previous jobs either as attorneys, doctors, dentists, former state legislators, political appointees, business owners, or other high ranking positions and professions, which have afforded them, not only substantial salaries, but opportunities for outside investment and other political advantages before they even enter office at the federal level.   Many are able to finance their own campaigns to run for the federal House and Senate, and gain more in campaign funds within their campaigns, as contributors are oftentimes friends and political allies who are willing to give more to an already financed campaign.   Many in Congress are millionaires when they take office and remain so in and after their term(s) in office. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Do drones present a threat to individuals’ privacy and security?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Though drones have been used in a number of federal and state government surveillance programs to combat local crime, they have also been used to scrutinize southern border intrusions, terrorist activity, weapons running, and seek and destroy efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and other Middle Eastern war zones.  In spite of the sometimes questionable use of drones for protective and combative efforts, their domestic use has been challenged concerning the threats that drones pose to an individual’s privacy and security. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: The last two presidential elections were rife with known voter fraud. How do we ensure that our elections remain open, free, and fair?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-I would agree with this question’s positing of voter fraud if the definition of the term were expanded to include criminal and intentional disenfranchisement of large swaths of voters.  By tinkering with early voting rules, scrambling the ways in which college students are allowed to vote and where they have to be to do so and through other Machiavellian schemes, Republicans have mounted a concerted campaign to close the voting booths to constituencies that traditionally don’t skew their way. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Should the United States return to the gold standard or a similar standard?

Owatanna, MN Correspondent-The United States should return to the gold standard. Going off the gold standard, along with several other changes in banking and monetary policy in the past 100 years, has led us to the financial precipice we stand upon today. Without returning to some sort of fiscal sanity embodied by a gold standard, we will likely see an unprecedented financial catastrophe in this century. Continue reading