Symposium 2012: What are your thoughts on the debt ceiling debate that will be forthcoming in 2013?

RMC3: It’s the perfect opportunity for the Republicans to stick it to the Democrats and the President. They need to say they’re not going to increase the debt ceiling and force this issue of massive spending cuts. Let the government shut down. It sure as hell isn’t functioning well as it is. It’s like we’ve got a bunch of dysfunctional derelicts controlling the hardworking American taxpayers’ tax dollars—just spending on anything and everything that comes along. Washington is guilty of financial gluttony. They’re not willing to make any sacrifices because it may not be popular with their constituents or with the voters. And so, they’re spending us into financial oblivion. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Election 2012—What happened to the Republicans?

RMC3: They nominated the wrong man. I think history will show that Mitt Romney was probably the worst possible candidate for the Republican party. Here you have a former governor from one of the most liberal states in the entire nation who crafted a socialized healthcare plan for the people of Massachusetts trying to convince people that he’s a good Republican. And what’s more, he’s easily typecast as the evil rich guy who can’t connect with the average American. When he talked about Republican values it just didn’t seem natural; it was almost as if he was being forced to say it without really believing it in his heart. And what’s more, he picks as his running mate a Congressman from another vastly liberal state, though Paul Ryan did have far more conservative credentials than Mitt Romney. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What are your thoughts on Benghazi?

Cartwright: It’s a tragedy that we lost our first ambassador in almost forty years and three other Americans. You have to ask yourself why did Washington not send Marines who where only an hour or so away to help the ambassador once they knew there was trouble? Remember, eight hours elapsed from the time the trouble started until the ambassador was dragged out of the compound and murdered like a dirty dog.  Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What’s your outlook for a second Obama administration?

Cartwright: More of the same overregulation and failed economic policies that have driven up our national debt, made us less competitive, killed jobs, raised taxes on American workers and killed business in this country. I think the President has such a big ego and such hubris that his re-election will embolden him in pursuing his radical liberal agenda. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Should the U.S. be involved in removing Assad from power in Syria?

RMC3: No. It’s not our problem. Is he a ruthless dictator? Yes. Has he misappropriated billions of dollars of the Syrian peoples’ money? Yes. Is he killing his own people? Yes. Do we know that the ‘freedom fighters’ are the good guys? No. Do we know that the ‘freedom fighters’ aren’t actually terrorists? No. This is the whole Libya situation all over again. At this point, he poses no clear and present danger to the United States or our allies. If the ‘freedom fighters’ aren’t able to get the job done, that’s their problem. No need for us to get involved in any additional Middle Eastern adventures. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Will Egypt revert to a dictatorship

Cartwright: Hasn’t it already? Look, here’s the reality. Many people in many countries throughout the world have been ruled by kings or pharos or dictators for much of known history. These people don’t know democracy, and while it’s an admirable goal to spread democracy, it just isn’t feasible. These people can’t handle it. They need the strong arm of a ruler. We’re seeing that in many places.  Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What hope do students graduating today have for finding employment sufficient to pay off their student loans? Is there a better way forward?

RMC3: I certainly wouldn’t want to be a kid graduating in this economic climate. It must be pretty daunting and demoralizing to get a degree that put you tens of thousands of dollars in debt only to find yourself either unemployed or else working at a minimum wage job. It’s no secret that the job market sucks, but having said that, there are going to be jobs for those students who excelled in college.  Continue reading