Symposium 2012: Is it time to legalize drugs here in America?

Michigan: Maybe. People will lie, cheat, steal and kill for drugs. Would this all stop? How much is it costing the taxpayer for health care and to house all the addicts and dealers in prison. Would this all stop? Anyone can buy the drug called alcohol. Look at the lives and expense this drug costs. How many deaths and millions of dollars can be contributed to this legal drug? I guess my answer is NO. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Has America lost its role as a superpower?

RMC3: If we’re not a superpower then who is? Russia? China? France? Germany? We’re the only game in town. We’re it. We are the world’s superpower. We have been for a long time and I hope we will be for a long time to come but I’m not too sure about that. We have the world’s most sophisticated military. We found Saddam Hussein in a spider hole in the middle of Iraq. It took us a while, but we finally got the man believed to be Osama bin Laden. We have the best military might in the world, no doubt about that in my mind. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What are your thoughts on the Congress and the job it is doing?

RMC3: Let’s see. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in years, and the House keeps giving Obama everything he wants. The House was ready to take one for the team in this whole fiscal cliff debate. So, I’d say they’re an abject failure just like the last Congress. They’re all up there on Capitol Hill doing their little dog and pony show but it’s all just PR. They’re not going to do anything about spending. They haven’t done anything about the spending over the last couple years except get us deeper and deeper in debt. They haven’t done anything about entitlement reform that we’ve needed for decades. There’s more partisan bickering than ever before, so I’m hard pressed to have a favorable opinion of the Congress at this point. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Is a trade war with China looming on the horizon?

Cartwright: A trade war with China would be the worst thing we could do. I’m tired of hearing everyone bitch and moan about how China is taking jobs from America. The simple fact is that we can’t compete with their low wage labor. They’re producing goods with every bit as much quality or even better than what we can produce here in America, and they’re doing this at a fraction of the cost. American workers aren’t willing to work for $2 an hour. Besides, we’ve got a minimum wage law that sets wages at levels that make us less competitive than manufacturers in other countries. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Is a strong Europe in the best interests of America? Should the U.S. be involved in stabilizing Europe’s economy?

Michigan: We have hundreds of U.S. corporations operating in Europe. For this reason, we may need to be concerned with the economy in Europe. Should we bail out countries in Europe? I don’t feel that we should. I am old school. If I can’t pay my bills how can I expect to pay the bills of someone else. On the other hand, if the economy of Europe goes south maybe these U.S. companies will come back here and contribute to the tax base and help increase employment. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Can U.S. corporations compete with those in other countries such as China, India, and Mexico?

Sydney: It is obviously very difficult for U.S. corporations to compete with corporations in these countries. The main reason is that wages in China, India, and Mexico are so low compared to American ones. The obvious solution would be to cut wages, however this is not a good idea because it would put further financial pressure on American families and reduce the standard of living. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Should students who finish high school early qualify for free college education?

RMC3: I certainly think there should be an incentive for kids who finish high school early. Obviously, if they finish early, they’ve got better than average grades, but what is the incentive for them? I think they should probably be put at the head of the line for scholarships and grants. Forget about awarding scholarships and grants on needs-based considerations. Scholarships and grants should be awarded based on aptitude, ability, and academic performance.  Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Should schools incentivize students for good test scores?

Michigan: For the most part I don’t think that schools care. High schools only want to move students along and college is only a business. Our corporations and anyone looking to hire someone should offer the incentives. Higher pay for higher GPA. Maybe students would work harder is they knew that a 4.0 would get them $80,000 per year while a 3.0 is only worth $50,000. Continue reading