Symposium 2015: In light of recent terrorist attacks, should the federal government increase domestic surveillance? How far should a domestic surveillance program be allowed to go?

Owatanna, MN Correspondent-If the federal government expects domestic terrorist attacks in the future, then unfortunately, they should increase domestic surveillance.  This is unfortunate because government is always too eager to place everyone in the “suspicious” category, presume guilt instead of innocence, and end up harassing or worse citizens whose behavior may not conform to arbitrary standards of proper conduct. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: Should the federal government increase progressive taxation or the federal minimum wage as a way to address income inequality?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-There’s a reason why Robin Hood is one of the most enduring characters in literature and film.  We all love the idea of an outlier, a third party who swoops in to balance the scales, right the wrongs and (of course) rob from the rich to give to the poor.  When I was a high school student in Texas, Gov. Mark White introduced a school funding plan that would take some funding from wealthy districts and give it to disadvantaged ones in the hopes of leveling the playing field for all. It was, of course, dubbed the “Robin Hood Plan.”  Continue reading