What can be done about reducing the amount of plastic trash from numerous sources that are seriously threatening the oceans?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Plastic is ubiquitous in modern daily life because of its light weight, malleability, and versatility in making hundreds of different products from straws to containers to automobile parts to siding for houses. It’s generally accepted plastic has been positive for the world in many ways. But the downside of this wonder material is its slow decomposition rate due to the fact that plastic is composed of large molecules. Continue reading

Do large wind farms with huge turbines have a net positive or net negative impact on the environment?

Cartwright-I haven’t done any type of research into wind farms to be able to say whether there’s a net positive or net negative impact. As long as the economics work, I think wind farms have tremendous potential and merit. I have long thought that we should have windmills along the coasts and offshore where you seem to always have a breeze. In addition, I would love to see smaller windmills placed on the roofs of buildings on somewhere on the property to help generate power for the facility. Wind is a great renewable energy source and has been used throughout history. Continue reading

How should large coastal cities deal with gradually rising sea levels?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-Once again, the world has turned to science to solve, or at least provide answers to the elephant in the room. Sea levels are rising and people want to know to what extent did climate change affect the rising levels. Climate change seems to be at the heart of everything.

Especially for large cities situated along the coast, the catastrophe would definitely be immense if these levels continue to rise in the future. What can officials do to allay the anxiety of the people living along these areas? Continue reading

President Trump has decided to pull the US out of the Paris Climate accord, the treaty designed to combat “climate change.” Will those who want to work toward solving the problems associated with global warming be more effective or less effective without the participation of the US government?

Myrtle Beach Correspondent-Even though Trump has pulled out it seems as though many US based businesses have not. I’m not convinced on Global Warming one way or another. I do believe it is important to start finding alternative solutions for energy. We do need to work on emissions as well, but why can’t we just plant more trees? This is a whole different argument so I digress. Will the accord be as effective without the US? Yes, I believe it will. I’m not really well educated on this accord; but I think every other country has agreed to participate, and I believe the US still will if some specific changes are made. Continue reading

Are there benefits to a border solar wall between the American southern border and Mexico? If so, what are they?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– It’s a bit hilarious to me that we’re still talking about the border wall. After all the campaign statements Trump made that have not come to fruition, we still believe he’s going to have Mexico pay for a gigantic physical wall that will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture? Continue reading

Will over consumption force people to terraform other planets in the future?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Terraforming is a marvelous idea, and I’d love to see it happen. However, the technological leaps required to make it happen are decades away. We’re still trying to work out how to deal with the effects of prolonged exposure to weightlessness on humans, and we haven’t even yet sent a successful flight to Mars, which along with a couple of Saturn’s moons are the only viable candidates for terraforming in our solar system. Continue reading

Climate Change vs. Global Warming. What’s the Difference?

From our Owatonna, MN Correspondent

For years, scientists decried our use of fossil fuels over the past century as being a chief cause (sometimes the only cause) of Global Warming (GW). As the debate intensified, critics lambasted scientists for trying to scare the world into drastic measures. Carbon taxes, reducing power usage by unrealistic amounts, and fighting the effects of GW with trillions of dollars in taxes, were some of the suggestions that raised significant opposition from skeptics. Continue reading

Supporting your Local Farmers Markets

From Our Gastonia, NC Correspondent

Spring is in full swing around the country, and that means farmer’s markets are reopening for the season, stocked with all the freshest produce and locally made products your locality has to offer. If you think of a farmer’s market as a couple of weatherbeaten farmers presiding over bins of tomatoes, corn and squash, it’s time to get out of the grocery store and get “back to the farm.” Continue reading

Symposium 2016: In looking at climate change, or the “global warming” phenomenon that as evolved over the years, what if anything has changed with the real scientific evidence of its existence or non-existence? Is it all a hoax to simply take more tax dollars and distribute them to green industries and others involved in climate change rhetoric?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- The climate change phenomenon has had its ups and downs concerning its existence and it will continue to be a controversial subject as long as there is money to be made from a climate agenda and the regulations governing it.  It will continue to dominate the scientific world and will remain a controversial issue as long as it serves the greater cause of saving the planet from global warming and fills the pockets of its supporters. Continue reading