Can society ever lose its fear, distrust and apprehension about immigrants from different races, religions or ethnic groups?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The only way that society will lose its fear, distrust and apprehension about immigrants from different races, religions or ethnic groups is when immigration laws for both legal and illegal immigrants are fully enforced and legal immigration is reduced to manageable numbers. Continue reading

A judge in Texas recently ordered a school to restore a Charlie Brown Christmas decorative display that had been ordered taken down by the school principal and local school district. Should schools be allowed to incorporate Christmas-related displays during the holidays?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-The continual hand-wringing over Christmas in the schools is getting quite tiresome.  It’s not as if there are any punishments handed out for failing to participate in the rituals, and no one’s forcing a non-observant child to dress in swaddling clothes and lay in a manger.  I have one child in elementary school and another in middle school, both in quite “liberal” schools, and both have a variety of seasonal observances throughout December. Continue reading

Has religion become just another big business? Is it time to end religious institutions’ tax-exempt status?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-I’m a highly religious individual.  In fact, I’m so devout that I’ve dedicated my entire life to a course of preaching, so that people can enjoy the hope and happiness I have. Getting to know God is wonderful!  Since we received everything from God, I believe that we should give freely. That includes those so called religious leaders, of which the majority are spreading false doctrines to swindle people of the hard earned cash. In fact, some religious leaders profess that they are able to provide miraculous healing (for money), to rid individuals of their ailments. What garbage! If they had the power to heal, why are so many individuals dying from cancer? Continue reading