Election 2016 Round Table Discussion: With indiscretions concerning voter fraud and intimidation during past elections, and with electronic voting machines, computers and hackers ready, willing and able to rig elections, what if anything can and be done to stop voter fraud that will likely occur during the 2016 election cycle? US Seeks to Protect Voting System Against Cyberattacks yet we can’t stop voter fraud at polling stations in America? What’s wrong with this picture?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-I question the validity of the assumption this question makes that voter fraud “likely will” occur.  Despite the Trump campaign’s fearmongering and spreading of doubt, actual evidence of voter fraud in the U.S. is harder to find than a vegan at a barbecue cookoff.  Most of the battleground states have Republican governors, and the entire process will be scrutinized at a level never before seen. Continue reading

Election 2016 Round Table Discussion: Should ALL voters be required to answer and pass the citizenship test before they pull the lever in the voting booth? Should voters be required to have some knowledge about civics, American history, politics, etc. before being able to vote?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-I’m the guy who’s in favor of intelligence tests for prospective parents, so the idea of some sort of qualifying test for voters holds great allure for me. However, I’m fairly sure it would require a constitutional amendment to make it happen.  I am a native-born American citizen, and as such have the right to vote.  I’m a fairly smart fellow, but I know a lot of my fellow small-town residents who probably shouldn’t be allowed to bathe without supervision, much less help decide who will be the next leader of our country.  However, they have as much right as I do to vote. Continue reading

Election 2016 Round Table Discussion: Are there any realistic solutions to campaign finance reform?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-It’s easy to say campaign finance reform has gotten so far out of control that nothing can be done. When money becomes the dominant force as to who wins elections, those without many feel their votes are wasted. But underdogs still win. Candidates with more charisma than cash sometimes carry the day, so money alone can’t guarantee election results. If that were true, we wouldn’t bother holding elections since we could just as easily award the victory to the candidate in each race with the biggest bank account. Continue reading