Election 2016 Round Table Discussion: Donald Trump has advocated an energy policy that will rebuild energy production in America as well as deliver jobs to blue collar workers in a number of critically important states. His policy stands in sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton’s. What are the stark differences in Trump’s policy as opposed to Clinton’s, and what will the possible ramifications be of both?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Trump’s main thrust seems to be the goal of energy independence from the rest of the world, particularly independence from OPEC. He advocates more exploration and utilization of reserves on land and offshore. Clinton’s focus is on mitigating climate change as the sole reason to have an energy policy, so her proposals center on cutting pollution, promoting clean energy sources, and advocating conservation and stewardship. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: How do we more effectively promote the use of alternative energy?

Owatanna, MN Correspondent-The best way to promote the use of alternative energy is for the government to eliminate all forms of corporate welfare that benefit energy companies. This is needed to level the playing field for alternative energy producers who are at a disadvantage because their products—wind power, solar power, nuclear power—are not economically competitive with subsidized fossil fuels. Continue reading