Symposium 2016: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is experiencing as many problems as the Veteran’s Administration, particularly in the areas of super bugs and other diseases that have appeared and are being transmitted within the United States. Inadequate cleaning within hospitals has also become a serious issue. What if anything is being done by the CDC to face these problems and should they be made to intensify serious overhauls to stop contagious diseases and hospital filth within America?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent- The CDC is actually one of the few departments within the federal government that gives more than it gets in terms of dollars spent.  The current epidemiological landscape is a truly terrifying one, with an increasingly mobile populace, mining and deforestation opening up potential caches of viruses and bacteria to which we have no immunity, overuse of antibiotics creating superbugs and “anti-vaxxers” waging the world’s stupidest war on herd immunity.  Rather than “making” the agency do anything, I’d say we should “let” it do its job with less hand-wringing and nit-picking over measures that are vitally necessary to save not just America, but the planet from a pandemic that will make smallpox look like a heat rash.  Part of that should absolutely involve hospital and clinic sanitation.  The fact that hospitals are choosing to release semi-healed patients to protect them from getting hospital-borne infections should be laughable, but instead it’s downright terrifying.  Civil and criminal penalties should be levied against health care workers and institutions that place the public in danger by failing to maintain basic sanitation. Continue reading