Symposium 2015: Should members of the Congress be allowed to gain financially from their positions? What should we do about this, if anything?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-No member of Congress should be allowed to gain financially from their positions.  The problem with federal legislators is that many come to their elected positions already wealthy from previous jobs either as attorneys, doctors, dentists, former state legislators, political appointees, business owners, or other high ranking positions and professions, which have afforded them, not only substantial salaries, but opportunities for outside investment and other political advantages before they even enter office at the federal level.   Many are able to finance their own campaigns to run for the federal House and Senate, and gain more in campaign funds within their campaigns, as contributors are oftentimes friends and political allies who are willing to give more to an already financed campaign.   Many in Congress are millionaires when they take office and remain so in and after their term(s) in office. Continue reading

2013 Symposium: Should The Congress Repeal Obamacare?

Cartwright:  Yes.  Obamacare should be repealed.  However, there are parts of the law that a lot of people like such as keeping kids on their parents insurance until they’re 26 and ensuring that insurers don’t turn you down because of a preexisting condition.  Let’s repeal Obamacare but keep parts of the law that people generally agree with when we craft something new.  What’s going to create downward pressure on healthcare costs if we do repeal Obamacare?  Competition and tort reform.   Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What are your thoughts on the Congress and the job it is doing?

RMC3: Let’s see. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in years, and the House keeps giving Obama everything he wants. The House was ready to take one for the team in this whole fiscal cliff debate. So, I’d say they’re an abject failure just like the last Congress. They’re all up there on Capitol Hill doing their little dog and pony show but it’s all just PR. They’re not going to do anything about spending. They haven’t done anything about the spending over the last couple years except get us deeper and deeper in debt. They haven’t done anything about entitlement reform that we’ve needed for decades. There’s more partisan bickering than ever before, so I’m hard pressed to have a favorable opinion of the Congress at this point. Continue reading

Symposium 2010: In the aftermath of sweeping Congressional losses in November, what is your outlook for the Democratic party?

They are in much the same situation that the Republicans were in when they lost the majority in the House in 2006. They need to reassess what is important to them and what caused them to get trounced. I think they squandered a lot of political capital in the healthcare fiasco, and I think the voters were turned off by their handling of it and the whole Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. Continue reading