Following the tragic alligator attack of a 2 year old at Walt Disney World, multiple alligators were euthanized as part of the search effort. Was this really necessary? In addition, the media has called into question Disney’s liability for the tragedy for lack of signs warning of alligators. While a tragedy, are additional signs necessary and does this set a precedent for signage at golf courses, lakes, etc? Are signs necessary to warn of snakes, spiders, etc?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Euthanizing many alligators in search of the alligator that snatched the child was necessary on one level, but unnecessary on another. The human desire to see justice done, to understand why, to place blame, and to right a wrong dictate that the offending alligator needed to be found. Since more than one alligator was in the vicinity and presumably hiding in the water, which made it nearly impossible to identify the culprit, multiple alligators had to be killed. Continue reading