Climate Change vs. Global Warming. What’s the Difference?

From our Owatonna, MN Correspondent

For years, scientists decried our use of fossil fuels over the past century as being a chief cause (sometimes the only cause) of Global Warming (GW). As the debate intensified, critics lambasted scientists for trying to scare the world into drastic measures. Carbon taxes, reducing power usage by unrealistic amounts, and fighting the effects of GW with trillions of dollars in taxes, were some of the suggestions that raised significant opposition from skeptics. Continue reading

Symposium 2015: The majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from automobiles. Is it time to institute a carbon pricing system for individuals who drive automobiles?

Owatanna, MN, Correspondent-Factoring the cost of cleaning up pollution into the overall cost of owning and driving a car is long overdue. However, the way this carbon pricing is done is the key to successfully eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading