Why should non-defense agencies of the government or administrative agencies be allowed to stockpile military weapons and ammunition? Should the armament of administrative agencies be banned?


 Owatonna, MN Correspondent-There seems to be only one reason why non-defense agencies or administrative agencies of the government should be allowed to stockpile military weapons and ammunition. That reason is the extremely unlikely possibility that terrorists launch an attack on a particular building or group of people who work for that entity.  Even if that were to happen, wouldn’t it make more sense to simply increase perimeter security at the at-risk facility so the attack might be suppressed before reaching the inside of the building? Continue reading

What are the ramifications if the Sandy Hook families succeed in the wrongful death case against Remington, the maker of the gun used in the Sandy Hook attack?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-The Sandy Hook massacre was one of those events that proves to me that even after 16 years as a news editor, starting just a year before the 9/11 attacks, there are still things that can shock and horrify me.  I have sons who were the age of the children mowed down in the school on the day of the attack, and I was filled with a combination of rage, sick dread and resignation as the first reports came in and then as the picture became clearer. Continue reading

Is it Time To Amend The Right To Bear Arms?

From Thinking Outside the Boxe’s Sydney Correspondent
In the wake of several high profile mass shootings in the past couple of years the ownership of high powered semi and fully automatic weapons has come under close scrutiny. The number of voices calling for tight controls on gun ownership has never been higher. At the same time the powerful gun lobby continues to strongly influence lawmakers in Washington. If gun laws are worthy of scrutiny then perhaps the right to bear arms, in its current form at least, may also need to be analyzed more closely than in the past. In this article the role of the NRA will also be discussed. Continue reading