Can we solve the health care crisis by focusing on preventive maintenance?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– The thing that the Democrats, Republicans and everyone else trying to “solve” the health care crisis haven’t yet figured out, or at least don’t want to acknowledge, is that there is no one secret to solving the whole sorry mess. Fixing our health care debacle will require a complex plan with buy-in from both sides and some concessions by all involved. Those concessions are what will hang them in the end, as in the current political climate compromise has become anathema, and reaching across the aisle is seen as being akin to sleeping with the enemy. Continue reading

Should the federal government run health care clinics and hospitals for anyone receiving government sponsored healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare)? Young doctors out of med school could be offered employment and reduction in student loans for working in the government run facilities. Will this help reform healthcare in America?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-I’m not trying to reveal the pessimist that I am, but irrespective of who or what control the healthcare facilities of the day, we will still get sick and die. I need sickness gone permanently!

Now that’s out of the way, for the sake of fostering a peaceful debate and accommodate the many opinions out there, I think governmental benefits, especially sponsored healthcare, should be administered or operated by the Federal Government. Continue reading

Is tort reform a key element of driving down the cost of malpractice insurance for doctors and keeping healthcare costs in check?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Now here’s an issue I haven’t heard about in a while!  The brouhaha over Obamacare and its attendant bureaucratic explosion has driven tort reform and malpractice reform from the front of the health care discussion, but the problem is still very much in existence. Continue reading

2013 Symposium: Healthcare Is Very Important. What Would Be A Way To Get American’s Covered Without Penalizing Them For Not Having Insurance Or Forcing Them To Enrollment In In Government Run Systems?

Cartwright: I don’t think anyone has a problem with paying something for their healthcare. People just don’t want to be raked across the coals when it comes to paying for healthcare. Competition is the best way to drive down prices. If insurers could compete across state lines, would premiums drop? Yes. If the federal government offered its own coverage that competed with private insurers as an insurer of last resort, would premiums drop? In all likelihood, yes. Continue reading

Obamacare vs. the National Health Service

From Thinking Outside the Boxe’s London Correspondent

One of the most controversial bills to pass through Congress in recent years has been Obama’s healthcare reform bill. “Obamacare” has received extensive criticism, both from parties who resent the idea of government intervention in the health care (including the rumors of so-called “Death Panels” that would decide who gets life-saving treatment and who does not) and from those who believe that the bill does not go far enough. Continue reading