How can the US (or any other country for that matter) stop North Korea from inciting a nuclear war?

Cartwright-I really think we only have two options. We either launch pre-emptive strikes to take out their nuclear facilities, their political leadership, their military, and their infrastructure or we completely disengage from North Korea, ignore them, allow the regime to obtain nuclear weapons, and live with the consequences. Continue reading

Why do we worry so much about North Korea?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Like clockwork, the rogue nation of North Korea is rattling its broken-down saber in the direction of the United States. Also like clockwork, our government blusters and poses and warns and makes veiled threats and sends naval vessels to the Sea of Japan. The saber rattling is the same old tune: North Korea is on the verge of dropping a nuclear bomb on the United States. Continue reading

Symposium 2010: Iran and North Korea continue their pursuit of nuclear programmes. Is it time to give up on diplomacy?

Diplomacy can only go so far. The Europeans have been trying, unsuccessfully, to deal with Iran for years now. Have they accomplished anything? Not at all. Iran is continuing to move forward with its nuclear programme with the help of Russia and possibly China. The talks haven’t stopped their programme. Sanctions haven’t done anything either. This song and dance isn’t working. Continue reading