What Do You Feel Is The Most Pressing Issue For Presidential Candidates In The Upcoming Election And Why?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL September 5, 2015

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-To my mind, the single most important issue facing any presidential candidate in the upcoming election is immigration, because it affects every other issue under consideration.  Until we figure out a way to make our immigration policy into something approaching rationality, we’re going to continue wasting countless time and millions of dollars chasing our tails over what to do about legal and illegal immigrants. Continue reading

The GOP Debate Only Allows The Top 10 Candidates To Participate in The Main Event. Is This A Disservice To Voters?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL August 17, 2015

Asheville, NC CorrespondentIn 2012, the GOP primary debates were a spectacle. A dozen candidates created a debate that was superficial and spectacle-driven. Speaking times were short, questions were shallow, and answers were light on substance. To avoid this, Fox News capped debate entries at 10 for the main event and hosted another debate for other candidates. While voter education was certainly limited by the number of candidates excluded, the limitations of the debate format require this step. The lesson of 2012 is that the debates are meaningful only when the number of candidates doesn’t prevent meaningful exchange of ideas. The addition of a “preliminary” debate prior to the “main event” is an attempt at compromise between inclusion and depth. Continue reading