Symposium 2015: Are the Democrats and Republicans both becoming more extremist and does this give rise to a viable third party?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Both the Democrats and Republicans have become more extremist, though in differing ways with varying yet similar characteristics.  Democrats have gone from a party of state’s rights to one of progressive and socialist thought and policy, while Republicans have gone from a party of decentralized government philosophy to one that has compromised its conservative values and further weakened itself through alignment with and capitulation to Democrat ideas, along with limited opposition to Democrat sponsored programs, legislation, executive overreach, and Supreme Court and lower court rulings. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: Election 2012—What happened to the Republicans?

RMC3: They nominated the wrong man. I think history will show that Mitt Romney was probably the worst possible candidate for the Republican party. Here you have a former governor from one of the most liberal states in the entire nation who crafted a socialized healthcare plan for the people of Massachusetts trying to convince people that he’s a good Republican. And what’s more, he’s easily typecast as the evil rich guy who can’t connect with the average American. When he talked about Republican values it just didn’t seem natural; it was almost as if he was being forced to say it without really believing it in his heart. And what’s more, he picks as his running mate a Congressman from another vastly liberal state, though Paul Ryan did have far more conservative credentials than Mitt Romney. Continue reading