The recent smog in New Delhi, India is said to be the worst and most dangerous air pollution ever. Is it just a confluence of coincidental factors and bad timing, or is climate change directly to blame?

Cartwright-I’ll simply defer to my earlier comments regarding climate change. India is a vastly overpopulated country accounting for about one fifth of the world’s total population. They do nothing to help the environment. They are a net negative to the environment. Perhaps they should start population control measures.

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-New Delhi’s reputation as a polluted city has been one of the worst in the world for many years, so the city’s recent toxic smog can’t be blamed solely on a confluence of coincidental factors and bad timing. But neither should it be blamed on climate change directly. Other cities—except for Beijing, China—haven’t made world headlines by suffering an air pollution crisis second to none. Continue reading