Have Professional Sports Become Too Big an Influence in Our Society?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-It seems that we are forever debating whether this thing or that thing has “too much influence” on our lives or the lives of our children. This is a passive-aggressive way of life that leaves us limp noodles, ready to be blown whatever way pop culture and prevailing wisdom blows us.

Here’s a nifty idea: Evaluate the influences on your life. If there is one you don’t like, then GET RID OF IT. Yes, it’s possible! If someone you know or something you read or some other thing is a drag on your psyche, make it gone posthaste. You’ll be healthier for it. Continue reading

Should Video-Gamers Be Considered Athletes?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Video gamers are absolutely not athletes. A partial definition of the word athlete, from the Encarta Dictionary, is “somebody with the abilities to participate in physical exercise.” (emphasis is mine) Sitting on a sofa or at a desk, manipulating a joystick or computer keyboard, can in no way be construed as physical exercise. It’s unlikely one’s heart rate increases when playing a video game. A gamer’s respiration doesn’t increase. They likely do not break a sweat or experience oxygen-deprived muscle aches due to the buildup of excess lactic acid. Metabolism is certainly not elevated noticeably in those who play video games. Continue reading