2014 Symposium: Should we re-negotiate student debt? If so, why? Does this create a moral hazard?

Raleigh: It is well-known that getting college education in the U.S.A. is an expensive endeavor. While most people strive to get college education because it opens many more doors for them in the future and potentially allows to earn more money compared to counterparts without college education, the very cost of college education is becoming prohibitive. According to the College Board, college cost for an in-state public college for the 2013–2014 academic year was about $22,826, while average yearly cost for a private college was about $44,750. Add to that the cost of living, and the sum can truly be too high to carry for vast majority of American families. Continue reading

Symposium 2012: What hope do students graduating today have for finding employment sufficient to pay off their student loans? Is there a better way forward?

RMC3: I certainly wouldn’t want to be a kid graduating in this economic climate. It must be pretty daunting and demoralizing to get a degree that put you tens of thousands of dollars in debt only to find yourself either unemployed or else working at a minimum wage job. It’s no secret that the job market sucks, but having said that, there are going to be jobs for those students who excelled in college.  Continue reading