Should Wal-Mart,, Fed-Ex/UPS or another large US-based company acquire the United States Postal Service?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Efficiency experts, business mavens, delivery brain trusts and thousands of others have for years been kicking around the idea of privatizing the United States Postal Service (USPS). Proponents point to things like charter schools, which in some instances have far outstripped the performance of their traditional public school counterparts. Continue reading

Some members of the Congress want to allow the USPS to engage in financial services and banking. Is this really a good idea?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Postal controversies have been brewing in one way or another since financial inefficiency and deficits have become part of the post office’s legacy for a number of years, so whether the USPS should be allowed to expand upon its existing financial services and possible banking services is questionable.   Continue reading