National ID Cards in America

There has always been a great deal of controversy surrounding national ID cards. Most Americans have seen such proposals as a removal of their civil rights. As a result, many of the positives are overlooked. Unfortunately, many people have an underlying fear that an ID card can be used against them, and it has often caused an uncomfortable feeling amongst the nation as it is perceived to be some kind of hostile symbol. However, these fears are what they are: fears, and as FDR once said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” These fears are not an accurate reflection of the National ID card, and perhaps it is time Americans stop focusing so much on the negatives and start to consider the reasons why we need National ID cards in America.

The idea for a National ID card was first introduced after the terrorist attacks perpetuated by al-Quaeda on September 11th. The U.S. Congress proposed the idea with an aim to try to relieve some of the security concerns the country faced in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks and help to prevent further attacks. If the events of September 11th showed Americans anything, it is that terrorists and other organized criminals will do anything they possibly can in order to gain identification or documents which allow them to evade the law and avoid arrest in pursuit of their plans against our country. It is also a growing realization that billions of dollars are lost each year as a result of identity fraud/theft. When faced with serious issues like this, it is difficult to see why so many people would be so afraid of a national ID card that could do more good than harm.

National ID cards can benefit America’s security initiatives. For example, if Americans were required to carry their ID cards at all time, they would have to produce it to a police offer if stopped and asked. If the individual could not show their card, or cannot prove that they own one, it leaves the possibility open that the individual is, in fact, an illegal alien, or even a terrorist. A national ID card can make it easier for police to root out illegal immigrants in America, as well as terrorists who have made it into the country. Americans are already required to carry a valid state-issued driver’s license in order to operate a motor vehicle. A national ID card would be quite similar to state-issued identification cards, driver’s licenses, or passports.

It will also benefit Americans more personally when it comes to air travel. The conventional air travel method consists of a very lengthy, time consuming process of identification checks and searches in order to board a plane. With a National ID card, federal employees need only scan the card to verify an identity, therefore possibly reducing the very awkward, confusing, and time consuming process of check-in in airports across the country.

A National ID card can also help to reduce fraud within America, which has become an increasingly persistent problem as more and more Americans are suffering the sudden loss of their assets due to criminals accessing their bank accounts, credit cards, etc. with what seems like extreme ease. National ID cards would help to reduce identity theft and enable law enforcement agencies greater powers in combating identity theft and fraud.

With so many advantages that could change how we live, it is surprising that people are still afraid of the National ID card. National ID cards could create a better world in America by reducing some of the main threats that we are faced with on a regular basis. The National ID card is a positive change for America, and it is a change that we all could do with in order to make America a safer place.

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