Symposium 2010: What are your thoughts on the Congress and the job it is doing?

This Congress has been a vast disappointment. I think the voters were tired of the Democrats’ handling of things and the progressive Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda and showed their dissatisfaction by voting out the incumbents. This last Congress did nothing but get us deeper and deeper into debt.

In general, however, it seems the Congress is more divided than ever and ideological differences continue to get in the way of doing what is best for the country. Look, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. The Congress needs to put aside political differences and focus on working together to address some of the problems facing our country: a stagnant economy that will probably fall back into recession, our waning image abroad, and how to make America more competitive in this global economy.

It seems like all the Congress wants to do is talk about how to spend more money as if that is going to solve the problem. They and the President have spent trillions of dollars in taxpayer money, all funded by issuing more debt that this generation and the next is going to have to bear the burden of paying off. All the money they’ve spent hasn’t fixed the problem. And throwing more money at the problem doesn’t mean it is going to make it any better. The country is suffering from a severe confidence crisis and uncertainty. Businesses and investors are not going to put their capital at risk with all this uncertainty and regulation that has largely been created by this Administration.

The Congress needs to cut the spending. I don’t just mean cut a little here and there. They need a massive cut in the federal budget which is going to necessitate some major cutbacks across the board in federal spending. Raising taxes in this environment is not going to help. Each and every single American is restricted to spending based upon their income. We can’t spend more than we make and we can’t borrow more than we can afford to pay off. Why should the federal government be any different?

The Democrats need to recognize that Obamacare is a massive burden on business. They need to recognize that a lot of it needs to be repealed. The Republicans need to recognize that there are some parts that do have merit, not many parts but a few. Work together to weed out the worst parts of this bill so that businesses don’t have this massive uncertainty and looming liability. Just maybe businesses will start to have more confidence and less uncertainty and then start to expand and hire.

Then, the Congress needs to work together to come up with some type of comprehensive tax reform bill that reduces the tax burden on both the American people and businesses.

But all this aside, right now the Congress is the problem and not the solution.

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