Symposium 2011: There have been dozens of attempted terror attacks since 9/11. Most of them originated from Middle Eastern countries. Should we be profiling passengers on commercial jetliners?

Michigan:  Yes, of course.  If you are not a citizen, a ticket should not be able to be obtained to enter the U.S. until you’re cleared.  In the case of some countries, no incoming air travel should be allowed at all.


Sydney:  Yes, there have been dozens of attempted terror attacks since 9/11, but relatively few here in the U.S. Most terrorist attacks originate and OCCUR in the very same countries. Profiling will only serve to alienate Muslims living here and give them a reason to be angry towards the Government, and our nation as a whole.


I think we really need to focus on ‘home grown’ terrorists. There have been plenty of examples of these. It’s not difficult for a disenfranchised teenager to get involved with people who can influence him or her in negative ways. Surely the terrorists even realize that a white kid looks far less suspicious than someone of Middle Eastern origin, and that they can use this to their advantage.


Cartwright:  Yes.  The terrorists are from a certain region of the world and have a certain look.  It wasn’t the Mexicans that caused 9/11.  It wasn’t the little old lady in the wheelchair.  It was the little kid with Mom and Dad on their way to Disney World.  We should be looking closely at everyone that may be Arab or Muslim.  If the shoe were on the other foot, they would be doing that to us.  The safety of the American people and those flying is paramount to the possibility of offending someone because they’ve been profiled.


The ACLU needs to suck it up on this one.  If one of them or their friends or family were killed on 9/11, they’d be singing a different tune.  If one of them were on a flight today that were hijacked, they’d be running off at the mouth as to why we didn’t do something to stop this or protect them.  Quit being hypocrites and do what needs to be done.


RMC:  We definitely need to look at the profile of those flying.  If they’re from a nation with terrorist ties, we need to pay extra close attention to them.  We don’t need TSA agents harassing little kids and grandmothers.  We need to be looking at those from a certain demographic.


The TSA has taken a lot of heat over the last few years.  In some cases, it was warranted but in most cases it was not.  They’ve done a remarkable job at keeping the skies safe.  But their efforts have not been alone.  Let’s remember that we’ve got the Department of Homeland Security that been instrumental in stopping further terrorist attacks.  What they are doing is working for the most part.  Can it be improved?  Probably.  Is it an inconvenience to fly now?  Sure, but that’s just the way it is, so to speak.  If you don’t like it, don’t fly.

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