The American Dream

Submitted to Thinking Outside the Boxe from a Pennsylvania Correspondent

It can be said that the American dream came alive before the country itself was founded. This particular nation was built by people determined to flourish outside the means their society of origin provided. “Whenever one’s needs require more than what can be granted, or even merely something of a different sort, they will be under continual friction and only function painfully….” (Durkheim 1897). It is inherit for all civilizations to aspire to prosper. When society is no longer able to uphold their end of the agreement, individuals will abandon the regulations of their society.theamericandreamtotb

The American dream promises individuals affluence; through hard work, social institutions, and the obedience of social norms established within that society. Basically everyone who follows those guidelines can achieve capitalized goals like a job, a home, a car, and the means to provide a better life for their children. While this construct has been there since the beginning of our nation, it thrived after WWII….


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