Symposium 2012: What role did the media play in the 2012 election?

Sydney: There can be no doubt that with each passing election the media plays a growing role and definitely is a factor that influences the result. During the Presidential campaign TV stations and newspapers were packed with commentary analyzing every step that each candidate made, and every word that they spoke. It would be impossible to believe that the media didn’t help sway voter opinion in Mitt Romney’s favor following the first debate, or that it turned opinion against him following his leaked speech to his supporters.

Coverage of President Obama’s oversight of FEMA during Hurricane Sandy also swayed voter opinion into his favor. But the real story of the 2012 election and probably many future ones is the role played by social media. The candidates can reach people who might not watch the news or read papers by communicating with them on Facebook or Twitter. This is something that President Obama has been particularly adept at. Social media also allows anyone and everyone to express their opinion, whether it is on Facebook or on a blog. Influential bloggers clearly have the power to influence voters who are not closely aligned to either political party.

Michigan: It is, and was in the last election, very evident that the media controls the elections. All of the major networks and most of the “political talk shows” filter what is reported. At the present time the GOP has FOX network telling it all and Democrats have everything else.
RMC3: It played a huge role. Clearly the mainstream media was in the bag for Obama. They were quick to bash Mitt Romney and the Republicans and praise Obama. They were far more critical of Romney than they were of Obama. Hell, Candy Crowley the moderator of the second debate defended Obama when Romney attacked him on the Benghazi issue. She was clearly biased and wrong, but that’s ok because she’s with the Communist News Network formerly known as the Clinton News Network or CNN.

The mainstream media was successful in brainwashing the viewers into thinking that Obama was doing such a good job and that all the ills in this country were George W. Bush’s fault or the fault of the Republicans in the Congress or, amazingly, Mitt Romney’s fault. The liberal media has protected Obama from day one, and this whole election cycle they spewed their liberal propaganda. They refused to talk about the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in a terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya. They didn’t want to point out how many people are still unemployed and how poorly the economy has been under Obama’s watch. Nothing has been Obama’s fault. He can do no wrong.

Sadly, the media in this country isn’t interested in reporting the news anymore. They want to make the news and that does a grave disservice to the American people.

Cartwright: I think the media in this country is pretty disgusting. None of them have any credibility anymore, and I don’t care which network you’re watching, they’re all propagandists. They’re not on TV to report the news. They’re sole purpose is to promote a political agenda, and sadly most of them are supporting the liberal socialist progressive agenda in this country. Ultimately, they will be the demise of this country, but this is what you get when you have 24 hour news coverage and comedians who think they’re credible news casters or journalists and an American public that is so gullible as to believe everything they hear on TV or read in the newspaper or read online.

It’s really just disgusting to have sat and listened day in and day out to the liberal media making Obama sound like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He might be a really nice guy, and I think he’d be a great host of the Tonight Show. But, he’s a horrible leader and a failure of a president. This guy is worse than Jimmy Carter, but the media has put him on this pedestal and given him a god-like status. You can’t say anything bad about Obama or you’re a racist. You can’t disagree with him or his policies or you’re an evil rich person or you’re stupid.

We need the media to report the facts and just the facts. For example, give us the facts and show us the photos of what happened in Libya. Don’t editorialize anything. Just tell us the facts. If you want to ask questions, great, but don’t give us your opinion or editorialize the issue with a political bias. Tell us the facts and statistics on the economy. For example, gas prices were under $2 when Obama took office and since then they’re up 50% to 100% in some places. Those are just simple facts. Don’t try to explain away the price increase or give us excuses. Just give us the facts.

Sadly, we’ll never have that. News organizations in America have lost their credibility. They’re only interested in promoting a liberal socialist progressive agenda and brainwashing the public in accepting this philosophy.

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