Is The gay Marriage Ruling The End Of The Civil Rights Movement Or Does It Trample On The Rights Of People Who Object To It On Religious Grounds?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL July 10, 2015

Asheville, NC Correspondent-There’s a strain of thought in American jurisprudence which holds that rights are a zero sum game. That is, if one group gains rights, another group must lose them. This thinking is clear in the public pronouncements of those concerned about the implication of the recent Supreme Court decision, Obergefell, et. al. v Hodges, in which the court held that marriage is a right to which same sex couples are entitled.

The most serious concern from the right about the decision concerns religious liberties. The fear among conservative Christian groups is that churches will be compelled to perform marriages for same sex couples. This would violate the right of members in those congregations to freely practice a religion which has a belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

While this concern is feasible, it presupposes a level of pettiness on the part of gay couples. In order for this scenario to occur, a same sex couple would have to choose to get married at a church opposed to same sex marriage. They would do this, presumably, for no reason other than spitefulness. Planning a wedding is enough of a hassle without incorporating a hostile, petty revenge agenda.

There are reasons to be concerned about Obergefell, et. al. v Hodges. The establishment of marriage as a right could be a concern going forward. Yet, of all the reasons to be suspicious of the court’s most recent move, a fear about the right to practice a private religion should not be among them.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-The hysteria surrounding the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage is a shining example of how our sensationalism-fueled media culture has run amok. Rather than have a reasoned debate about what the ruling actually means, on one hand we have the religious conservatives screaming about how jack-booted (presumably puce or chartreuse boots) thugs will burst into churches and force pastors to marry gay couples. On the other, we have the LGBTQ community, whose fringe elements are using the decision to antagonize and alienate both the straight community and the moderates within their own ranks by outrageous demonstrations and threats of sex on church steps.

The simple fact is that this ruling affects only governmental bodies. It doesn’t mandate that any religion of any form recognize same-sex marriages as valid. It doesn’t set forth provisions to force pastors to conduct gay weddings, baptize the children of gay couples or anything else. All it does is say that under federal law, states may not refuse to recognize the marriage of any couple, same-sex or otherwise.

It annoys me to no end when people compare this to the Civil Rights movement of the ’50s and ’60s. When in recent history have police turned dogs loose on LGBTQ protesters? When have they been refused seating in restaurants, on public transport or in movie theaters? Yes, there has been discrimination, but nothing on the order of the societal persecution perpetrated upon black Americans in the past.

I would say to the gay community: Be happy with your victory, but knock off rubbing it in people’s faces or you’re going to see just how fast goodwill can evaporate.

I would say to the religious conservative community: Stop trying to use paranoia and patently false statements to whip up fervor. The credibility you lose when you’re proven wrong can’t be recovered, and you damage your side as a whole.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- The gay marriage ruling is not the end of the civil rights movement as far as gays are concerned, as one of the plaintiffs, James Obergefell, and other gay activists involved in the case, and throughout the country, have proclaimed, “The Supreme Court ruling was a victory, but it’s just the beginning.”

Gay organizers and activists are calling for much more than just marriage rights across all states, as they want to further their agenda by abolishing protections for religious employers in the hiring of gay employees, as well as making more demands that include ending protections for religious landlords in rental, property and other housing agreements, refusing professional licenses for those opposed to same sex marriages, eliminating tax exemptions and non-profit status for religious and church related institutions and schools, allowing for polygamous marriages, forcing Christians to participate in same-sex marriage plans, activities and ceremonies, and foremost, emphasizing that the Christian influence in America is over. There are certainly more nefarious and perverted ultimatums waiting in the wings that gay activists intend on implementing through trumped up laws and exemptions, as gay activists will not stop at just civil protections.

The gay marriage movement does trample the rights of those who object to gay marriage. First Amendment rights are being canceled out as free speech and freedom of religion have been brushed aside through a ruling by five Supreme Court Justices who have failed to follow the Constitution and have circumvented the will of the American people. They have legislated from the bench and inserted a ruling concocted through their own interpretation of the law into a cause that is constitutionally nonexistent.

When a small percentage of the population, two percent, according to CDC statistics, is granted exclusive rights, imposed by an agenda driven judicial oligarchy, the hunger of gay activists will never be satisfied with what has transpired lawfully or unlawfully, as activists will continue their march to total destruction of traditional marriages, families, normal lifestyles and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Dark changes in the American landscape are moving at lightening speed and only direct and active intervention by a charged up and angry “silent majority” will halt these broad sweeping and destructive changes. Constitutional guarantees and state and federally approved laws, such as the recently introduced First Amendment Defense Act, other grass roots movements, and general refusals to follow unlawful decisions will be the outlets to stop the gay movement agenda, and Americans who want to uphold traditional values must participate in this movement to save our country from the dismantling of our core beliefs by the gay agenda.

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