“Success” Has Been A Topic Of Conversation in Politics and The Business World Lately. How Should We View Success These Days?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL, October 8, 2015

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Success these days needs to be viewed on a number of different levels, as it can be a hard thing to achieve if the right principles and plans are not in place.  The current economic climate can make success even more difficult (to almost impossible) to achieve without careful planning, analyzing and strategizing long before investing in a career path or specific business venture.  Success itself should be viewed as reaching goals and objectives that are achieved in ways that produce a well-rounded, balanced and productive life with a sufficient income flow to promote a healthy lifestyle, while maintaining clear direction and control of a career or business.

In order to achieve success in today’s wavering and unpredictable economy, career and business-minded individuals must obviously seek the type of work situation that they are best suited to invest in and accomplish.  Initially, that process means garnering, interacting and consulting with others of the same mindset to connect and network with, whether it is peers, advisors or others skilled in developing and providing support and assistance.  Success is better achieved through conferring with experts on an ongoing basis.

Along with a network of consultants, success is based on realizing strengths and weaknesses from within, as well as managing faults, while capitalizing on strong points.  The ability to manage and find assistance for weaknesses is a priority in planning, maintaining and boosting strong points.  Edifying strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses is the pathway to success.

Success is also achieved through commitment to a specific customer source.  An understanding of what customers want and need and improving upon their lives is the most important aspect of any customer-generated business.  A strong focus on the customer, rather than general business and profits, is the key element to success.  Maintaining a faithful and satisfied customer base is a proven marker of success, as is garnering respect from that base and others in the business world.

Any business or career requires adaptation to changes in the market and other extraneous issues that concern employees, customer disputes, financial emergencies and other problems.  These kinds of difficulties involve investigating both sides of an issue and negotiating equitable outcomes.  Resolving an issue in a fair manner is just another opportunity for a feeling of accomplishment.  Flexibility within a changing environment and adjusting to interruptions and unexpected events is a necessary factor with any business venture.  The ability to reverse course under unforeseen circumstances and recover without imploding is a valued aspect of success.

Another critical point with success is discovering new and innovative ways to increase productivity which allows time for devotion to other high priority areas that increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.  Examining pathways to increased productivity can be achieved through technological advances, updated business practices, and automated processes.

Success nowadays is viewed and measured by a number of established practices, but it is also determined by allowing latitude for a life of stability, balance, common sense, and level headedness, along with a little bit of luck. Achieving success is a process, and it normally isn’t instantaneous, but with the input of necessary essentials it can be accomplished, and career and business dreams fulfilled.             

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-When thinking of success, I’m reminded of P.J. O’Rourke’s musings on how the economy works in the entertainment “industry” in California. Everyone has such ridiculous amounts of money that success and status come to be measured by the most bizarre standards, such as whose maid is from the most exotic country or whose car costs the most to maintain.

It’s surely tempting to go that route.  If we were to measure success by the amount of pork rinds ingested during a single Philadelphia Eagles game, I would be the top of the world’s heap.  However, there are certain universally agreed-upon benchmarks that define success or the lack thereof.  But which is most important?

Money is surely important.  Yes, some fools say it can’t buy happiness, but as Joe Piscopo said in “Johnny Dangerously,” “If money can’t buy happiness, I guess I’ll have to rent it.”  However much we’d like to altruistically believe that money is immaterial, spend a few weeks without any and you’ll soon see the error of that thinking.

Education is also pretty high on the list.  For one thing, more education almost invariably leads to more money, be it an MBA or a certification to fix Volkswagen emissions.  Education also benefits from having a hard system of measurement (grades and grade point averages) which can be used to compare oneself to others.

There are dozens of ways in which possessions are used to “measure” success.  Whose house is bigger? Whose boat is longer?  This sort of thing is, to me, just a subset of measuring by money and thus is invalid.

Personally, and I’m showing my hippie side here, I think of success in terms of the impact I’ve made on the world, and especially on my sons.  Will the world be a better place when I leave it because of anything I’ve done?  Will my sons learn from my example and go forth to be good, kind, gentle and hard-working men?  That’s success. 

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