Charlotte Protests

From our Gastonia, NC Correspondent- Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, where a city that’s previously seen incidents of police officers shooting unarmed men has NOT devolved into a hellscape of broken windows and empty tear gas canisters.  Of course, during the previous incidents, we didn’t have busloads of outside agitators being brought in to gin up trouble and make sure the rabble remained appropriately roused.

This has to stop.  And by “this” I mean the proliferation of outside agitators who flock to any site of unrest and seek to turn a simmer into a boil by the application of crude mob psychology and selective application of bullhorns.  Be they members of Black Lives Matter or a white supremacist group, anyone found to be entering a protest area who is safely determined to be an outside agitator should be detained for investigation of domestic terrorism.

It’s in a way an analog of what’s gone on in our Congress.  Reasonable voices that speak in terms of compromise and reasoned discourse are quickly and emphatically shouted down and drowned out by the special interest-fueled lobbyists by every group from the NRA to the Sierra Club who are hell-bent on getting their own tunnel vision-plagued agendas rammed down the throats of innocent Americans at whatever cost is necessary.

When I was a young lad, I learned through having my nose relocated elsewhere on my face a few times that if it wasn’t my fight, I needed to stay the hell out of it.  Sticking one’s proboscis into the troubles of others is rarely a good idea, and it is my sincere hope that the National Guard troops currently quartered in my fair city will deliver that message with reckless abandon to anyone trying to turn peaceful, necessary protests into the kind of freeway-blocking, property-destroying hooliganism that has reigned supreme the last two nights.


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