Symposium 2016: The cereal giant Kellogg’s has launched a boycott against the online news organization Are Kellogg’s complaints against Breitbart legitimate? Is Breitbart within its rights to challenge “king” Kellogg’s?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent- In Stephen King’s epic “The Stand,” there was a minor character called the “monster shouter,” who roamed the streets shouting that the monsters were coming.  He was a paranoiac degenerate, and thus reminds me very much of the Breitbart organization.  It exists to spread rumor and falsehood, propagate fake news, stoke the fires of racial hatred and cloud the real issues we face by setting up pariahs and heroes on a whim.  Kellogg’s was right to do what it did, and the other advertisers who’ve fled the site in response can see the writing on the wall. With Trump as our president, who will be Breitbart’s bete noire now?  In the absence of the Obama crew, who will populate its enemies list?  I’m looking forward to not paying attention.


Owatonna, MN Correspondent- To be precise, Kellogg’s is only “boycotting” Breitbart in that it has decided to pull all its advertising from the website. Breitbart is the company that has instituted the actual boycott by advising its readers to boycott Kellogg’s products because Kellogg’s pulling its advertising was seen as a political response to Breitbart’s so-called “alt-right” ideology.

Both sides are within their rights to campaign against each other in a peaceful manner. Whether one company suffers more than the other remains to be seen. Kellogg’s is entitled to develop corporate behavior policies that promote their brand and espouse a moral code that they want their employees, customers, and stockholders to follow. They are also entitled to choose to do business with any company that echoes their corporate beliefs and equally entitled to refuse to do business with companies that oppose those beliefs in any way. If Kellogg’s disagrees with most of the opinions publishes online, so be it.

What this does is expose Kellogg’s as a liberal-leaning company. This may or may not be good for Kellogg’s bottom line. But it has certainly brought attention to Breitbart’s rise to prominence since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign. Breitbart’s former Chairman of the Board, Steve Bannon, has become one of Trump’s top aides, which has only added fuel to this fire.

On the other hand, Breitbart is perfectly within its rights to encourage consumers to avoid Kellogg’s products. It’s hard to see them prevailing in the fight since they are a relatively small news organization and Kellogg’s is a corporate giant with a long history and a large and loyal consumer base. Consumer boycotts are nothing new. Some have succeeded. Some have failed. The only certainty is that the political divide in this country is a little bit wider than it was since the Presidential election.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- Kellogg’s launched its boycott against for political reasons.  Their complaints are legitimate for their purposes as they want to crush any conservative opposition in their continued march towards the continuation of liberal progressive policies and power in government as well as in the corporate world. In spite of crushing blows to Democrats in the recent 2016 election, the left persists in its quest to conquer and dominate all areas of interest, including corporate America.

Though Kellogg’s attack on Breitbart is a new strategy for them, it is not new for the left’s agenda of utilizing every source it can to gain entrance to the corporate world, and acquiring Kellogg’s advertising budget was just another notch in their belt.

With corporate America being more left than right at this juncture in the political scene, executives are looking at what the left has done for them through the actions of the Main Stream Media, particularly when it comes to adulating and glorifying liberal business leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Howard Schulz (of Starbucks fame) and those associated with Kellogg’s.  The media covers for companies under fire and their executives, so that is another plus in the point’s column for the left along with corporate America’s surrender to their strategies.

Supporting left wing causes such as gay marriage, abortion, amnesties, and the anti-gun agenda is also part of the left’s approach to solving public relations problems for corporate America. Helping corporations rebound from difficulties also entails gaining financial contributions from corporate America for top leftist candidates in exchange for media, political and lobbying support.

Kellogg’s complaints against Breitbart are not justified and were a big mistake on their part as the online news giant represents quite a following  on the right (conservatives, independents and libertarians) interested in reading and knowing the latest news information from a reliable,  thorough and Pro-American source.

Kellogg’s grudge against Breitbart is not just about but concerns its followers as well, and  communication experts at Kellogg’s assured its executives that boycotting Breitbart was the right thing to do and made it clear that its media partners “won’t place ads on sites that aren’t aligned with the values of their company.”  So, the question comes down to what specific values did Breitbart supposedly violate?  Kellogg’s was unable to give any examples of how Breitbart and its readers did not align with its values.   Kellogg’s is just another corporation that has embraced the left-wing agenda aimed at denigrating conservative Americans across the country.

The boycott appears to have some connection to Kellogg’s former CEO, Carlos Gutierrez as well.  His strong push for illegal-immigration amnesty while working as Secretary of Commerce under George Bush would have given him enough reason to back a boycott of  Breitbart has consistently reported on the harmful aspects of amnesty and has consistently refused to support any kind of amnesty. Gutierrez went on to work for leftist lobbying efforts and backed Hillary Clinton for president.  His obvious disdain for Breitbart and its repudiation of the leftist agenda and amnesty angered Gutierrez, which led to his likely support of the boycott.

Breitbart is totally within its rights to launch a counter-boycott.  Its DumpKellogg’s online petition has garnered millions of signatures and followers. Americans are willing to boycott Kellogg’s products and their leftist platform, which is rife with leftist ideology and support of leftist programs. Kellogg’s decision to satisfy left-wing activists at the expense of and its millions of readers has come back to bite them,  and more and more negative publicity and reports will continue to surface as to Kellogg’s true intentions.  Looks like the company needs to plan on changing its original slogan statement, “The Best To You Each Morning…from Kellogg’s,” to something more leftist appropriate.

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