The election of Donald Trump has the Iranian regime and the mullahs there in panic mode with mounting fears of losing their current Obama appeasement policy. Should this policy be allowed to continue under a Trump administration or will Iran finally have to relinquish its power in the region?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent- Donald Trump is going to do what Donald Trump wants to do, so the qualifier “should” regarding the US policy toward Iran is a moot point. The bigger question is ‘What’s the best policy for the US to promote regarding Iran and the Middle East in general?”

Trump seems to be a major saber-rattler so far, but talk is cheap until a president-elect takes office and has the ability to set foreign policy. His proposed buildup of America’s nuclear arsenal will no doubt include a few extra nukes pointed at Tehran, along with a demand the stop their nuclear weapons program and stop supporting ISIS (if they are indeed funding that group of terrorists).

It is always good for a nation to be reminded that its pursuit of military domination or influence in a foreign country will always be met with resistance from some quarter. Iran should know that the more aggressive it becomes in military affairs in the Middle East, the more likely it is that America will intervene in some way.

While I believe the best foreign policy for the US to follow is one of non-intervention from a military standpoint, withdrawal from and appeasement of Middle Eastern countries cannot be done in a vacuum. We have spent nearly fifteen consecutive years in the region going back to the Iraq invasion in 2003. We’ve also had an active military presence of some sort since the first Gulf War in 1991. Abruptly folding our tents and going home without preparing the host countries to protect themselves will only lead to greater conflict. The best policy is to leave all Middle East nations on more or less equal footing and let them decide how best to govern their people and solve their religious differences.

Myrtle Beach, SC Correspondent- I don’t think they should have been given the “appeasement” policy” in the first place. We really need to stop meddling in affairs that are not our own. Yes, render aid when needed, but getting involved only puts us and our military at risk.

I think Trump will probably reverse this and let the region run its own course.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- Whether or not Obama’s appeasement policy is allowed to continue, the extension of the Iran Sanctions Act has blown some of the wind out of Iran’s sails, and with other countries raising no objections to the extension; their support carries some weight as well. Of course Iran responded with statements that the nuclear agreement was violated through the renewal of sanctions and promised to react accordingly.

President-elect Trump is at the moment considering new sanctions on Iran that would not be directly related to the Iran’s nuclear program. These sanctions would be aimed at Iran’s ballistic missile program and its record on human rights. Republican lawmakers are being consulted concerning restrictions that would not be in violation of the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and other world leaders.

Republican lawmakers have also proposed sanctions that would reduce Iranian support for alternate military groups in the Middle East, which have supplied terrorist groups in the region with weapons,   funding for subsidization of social programs as well as carrying out terrorist activities against Israeli and American targets.

Lawmakers have also proposed the renewal of a sanctions law that would give Washington the ability to punish Iran should it fail to honor its terms of the nuclear deal.   With a new president, these sanctions have a good chance of being put into effect. Extending the sanctions are a part of the original talks that brought Iran to the negotiation table and extending them  is the key to holding Iran accountable.

With President-elect Trump in the center of the Iran nuclear deal, particularly after his animated objections and strong reactions to it being a horrible deal during his campaign, he is not likely to back down on sanctions, and it would not be out of the ordinary for him to go full blown Trump with retrieving the billions in cash given to Iran for hostage ransom payments and billions more in plane loads of cash to fund their military and terrorist networks.

President-elect Trump may not go in the front door and clean out the Iranian treasury or secret, hidden cash accounts, but he will recover it in other ways, including increasing sanctions and other negotiated approaches.  Any of these actions just may render Iran powerless in its sponsorship of terror in the Middle East and its nuclear power aspirations.  They won’t be quite the powerhouse of terrorism they claim to be once they are challenged and faced with tried and true negotiators and renewed sanctions.


Gastonia, NC Correspondent- It is my fervent hope that the Trump administration will at long last lower the boom on the Iranian fanatics and cleanse the Middle East of their cancer.  There is a burgeoning middle class in the country that would welcome the overthrow of the mullahs and their puppets, and a thus-freed Iran could well become a force for stability in the region.  The nuclear program, however, must be stopped completely.  No country in the Middle East should be allowed to become a nuclear-armed nation, and any force necessary should be used to prevent it from happening.  Nukes are too powerful, and the region too unstable, to allow it.  Iran has been a thorn in our side since 1979, and it’s time to pull it out and quit trying to pat the heads of those who would bite off our fingers.

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