Symposium 2016: Liberals are still reeling from the election win and have appeared to have gone into breakdown mode over the results. Instead of acceptance, they have created a world unto themselves. Will their radical agenda continue and should they be allowed to have a stranglehold on others?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent- I was truly amazed by the depth of despair displayed by so many Democratic voters after the November elections. I heard numerous anecdotes about people in tears, depressed, talking about moving to Canada or another country, and viewing Donald Trump’s victory as the end of the world as we know it.

However, experience and history teach us that Armageddon has never come, even though it has been predicted thousands of times. Things never turn out as bad as the worst predictions. Likewise, things never turn out as good as the best predictions.

The bright side of the Liberal defeat is that they have been issued a wake-up call to the reality of politics in America. They found that there is a sizable plurality of citizens who don’t share their worldview that government is always good, always the answer, always the cheapest and most effective way to accomplish a goal. Many citizens feel the exact opposite—government causes more problems than it solves.

The radical liberal agenda can’t continue and likely won’t continue for at least the next four years while Trump is President. Liberals will have to modify their stances on issues like Second Amendment rights, expansion of entitlement programs such as Obamacare that have shown to cost more money than they save, and their goal of severely restricting economic activity by imposing strict controls on fossil fuel consumption in the name of stopping climate change. If they don’t, their political influence will drop significantly.

Moderate Democrats will eventually convince the radicals that working for incremental change is better than taking hardline positions that will be ignored by a Republican Congress. The stranglehold will end, at least temporarily, until the political pendulum begins swinging the other way, as pendulums inevitably do.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- It appears that the radical agenda will continue on its destructive path as liberals continue to reel from the election.   Rather than going through the varying stages of grief, they have created their own reality or alternative universe where their ideology still remains automatic doctrine. They will mount every effort possible to infringe on the results of the election and anything related to the new administration.

They have lost their grip on reality and choose to go forward with their painful yet disturbing and pathetic agenda and appear to believe they are going to stop the incoming president, his administration and any of his followers from entering the gates of Washington, D.C. and the White House, without their express permission. They will fight tooth and nail to stop any Trump inspired, conservative Republican legislation, cabinet assignments, court appointments and any other assignments because they believe they still have the authority, the numbers and the power to do so.  They will go on with back room deals and other tactics simply to assert their so-called power and will continue to show their true colors and intentions in their usual tasteless manner.

Plans by the democratic left likely include anything NeverTrump on an ongoing basis, and to add fuel to the fire, they will continue to blame, shame, whine, cry, denigrate, and pontificate to anyone who will listen and take up their lost cause.  Those in the liberal circle and on the fringes of he left will likely continue with crime sprees, beatings, assaults, protests, banning, sit ins, stand ins, flag burning, church destruction, car bashing, freeway mayhem, Christian hate, white hate, police hate, culture hate, fake news, bullying, obscenity spewing, excrement planting, and any other number of loathsome gestures to express their deep and profound loss.

Snowflakes will continue to blubber their way through their work or school life and attempt to deal with their sensitivities and deep fears. They will drown in their tears by retreating to their grieving spaces, while hugging  their snuggle puppies, wrapping themselves in  security blankets  and trying to put their lives back together until they can recover and go on to their next traumatic obstacle. They’ll bounce back and chant their favorite phrase, “no Justice, no Peace,” burn flags and make merry in their misguided ideology until another candidate catches their fancy.

None of these leftist factions will be allowed to have a stranglehold on others, other than themselves. Americans have awakened and know the score with the leftist agenda and will do everything within their strength and power to fight the coming upsurge of old and new leftists fresh from their latest indoctrination. Eventually they will fade but America’s greatness will prevail.


Gastonia, NC Correspondent- Can we please stop asking if various groups should be “allowed to have a stranglehold,” especially when they’re as disorganized and clownfooted as the current Democratic Party?  They couldn’t muster the organization right now to strangle a chicken, much less an electorate.  Of course they’ll continue to radicalize, at least until someone with the good sense and proper hair comes forward to lead them out of the wilderness.  However, I think the Kennedy clan is fresh out of new recruits, so it might be a while.  Let them continue to hashtag and rend their clothing over Trump’s election, and let them know that when their tantrum is over they can come back and eat at the grownup table with the rest of us.

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