Is the “Not My President” movement a reflection of apathy of many voters towards the election process? Has the “Not My President” rhetoric gotten out of hand?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-In one way, the “Not My President” movement does reflect apathetic voters, particularly Democrats, because the feeling came through during the campaign that two things were happening. First, many voters presumed that Hillary Clinton would win because she had the better resume than Donald Trump and that she should win so we can get this darned “First Woman President” nonsense over and done with. As if her winning the election was a foregone conclusion.

Second, a sizeable number of voters chose to not vote for Clinton because of her long resume, which also implied things like Washington insider, status quo politics and governance, and major issues such as her fundraising, ties to Wall Street, and the State Department email debacle.

However, there is a thick silver lining in the uproar over President Trump’s behavior and intentions since taking office. Millions of people who were apathetic before January 20, 2017, are suddenly demonstrating, protesting, marching, and donating to political and civil rights organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Planned Parenthood, and refugee advocate groups. If serious debate resolution of these conflicts comes to pass, then the “Not My President” rhetoric hasn’t gotten out of hand and likely won’t unless it incites violent riots across the country

Voters have become complacent over the decades mainly due to the increasing belief that individual votes don’t mean much anymore, the system is rigged, and politics and government are boring. The common wisdom—which is not discouraged by today’s politicians, who couldn’t be happier that our electorate becomes more ignorant every year—is that it’s more fun to pretend to be busy by spending hour after hour on social media or other entertainment diversions.

Trump promised to shake things up, drain the swamp, and essentially become the un-politician. If he keeps pushing the limits of what seems fair and just to the majority of voters, citizens will become much more active in politics at all levels, which can only be good for our country. Hopefully, most will come to the realization that political extremes on both sides are dangerous and that the best way to limit the control the federal government has over so much of our daily lives is to take away their power and limit their responsibility.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Since the first week of November, my Facebook feed has been littered with various forms of “Not my president” memes, slogans, hashtags and screeds. A tremendous number of liberal activists, adopting the tenor of spoiled six-year-olds being told they don’t get dessert because they didn’t eat their vegetables, are sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to acknowledge that their side lost the election.

The simple fact, friends and neighbors, is that Donald Trump IS your president. He didn’t win the popular vote, but the law of the land says that the candidate who takes the most electoral votes wins the race. Had the tables been turned, Hillary Clinton’s camp would have been trumpeting that the electors were bowing to the will of the people and putting the right person in office. To childishly stomp your feet and pooch out your lip and say he’s not YOUR president is the height of inanity.

This is the same sort of idiocy that’s led to “safe zones” on college campuses and the culture of the offended that’s currently running rampant. People aren’t willing to get out and work for their causes and do mundane things like interrupt their Trivia Crack game long enough to go into the voting booth, but they are more than willing to screech up holy hell when they don’t get their way.

Time for a reality check, kids. If you don’t like the way things are, get out from behind your screens and DO something. Shake hands. Meet people. Get yourself moving and organizing and doing all the grass roots stuff that Donald Trump’s people obviously did. You might not get your face on the news. You might not become a social media star with thousands of likes for your every Instagram post, but you’ll be doing far more good for society … and leaving my Facebook feed clear for more grilling posts and fail videos.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The Not My President movement is more than just the reflection of voter apathy towards the election process but more so a reaction to the unexpected results of the last election.

Voter apathy has been a part of the problem with this type of movement as there are citizens who are eligible to vote and are not doing so, and their reasons are frivolous at best while others are well founded. Many believe that candidates running don’t have the qualifications, are under qualified, don’t represent voter interests, or simply don’t have the character traits necessary to serve in high office.

Others will simply not vote because they believe they have been abandoned long ago by politicians running for office. Then there are those that don’t think they have to vote at all because they feel they have not been represented, right or wrong, as they should be. All of these excuses are part of the problem, and retaliation for unmet needs leads to movements like “Not My President.”

Other citizens associated with movements like “Not My President” are actually reacting to the outcome of an election, particularly the last presidential election. Disbelief that the reign of progressive and liberal policies has come to a halt has profoundly affected them. The mourning has turned from self-pity, whining and coddling to protests and contempt for the new president and the fact that their candidate lost. Change in another direction other than theirs is a hard pill to swallow and reacting to it has become their agenda.

The “Not My President” movement appears to be a liberally and establishment charged movement that is meant to undermine and draw attention away from the priorities of the nation, which is to restore the rule of law and bring peace, protection and prosperity to an ailing nation. The left’s refusal to understand and acknowledge the downfall of the country and the acceptance of election results has led them to what they do best, refusing to accept the truth, living outside of reality and continuing to promote a progressive agenda that is bent on destroying a new administration before it has begun.

The “Not My President” rhetoric has gotten out of hand and needs to be managed in a way that brings the accusations, threats and utter nonsense under control. Those in the movement have not been denied their First Amendment rights, but any false, damaging or threatening language, actions or collusion with the media and others should be scrutinized and legally managed. If the movement continues to cause uprisings and other opposition, there will most likely be ramifications for their actions.

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