With recent comments made by Madonna, should the Feds hold Hollywood figures to the same standards as everyone else and seek potentially criminal charges?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent– After listening and watching Madonna’s entire speech at the recent Women’s March on Washington, I came away from it thinking the speech was lackluster and devoid of real passion or intensity. Yes, she did drop a few F-bombs and said she’d thought about “blowing up the White House.” Other than that, it could have been a generic speech from almost any member of any minority that has been oppressed in one way or another.

Since the First Amendment to the Constitution explicitly protects free speech of any sort, Madonna’s speech barely makes it to the halfway point on my spectrum of what constitutes speech that merits concern. Even if someone yells “fire” in a crowded theater, the act of yelling “fire” is only a criminal act if the patrons stampede for the exits and someone is injured. Then the speaker should be charged with a crime because he caused someone else to be harmed.

Yes, Madonna thought aloud about blowing up the White House, but realistically, she’ll never be able to do that, nor will anyone who heard her words and takes it upon themselves to try. If that ever came to happen, and the perpetrator(s) specifically cite Madonna’s words as their motivation to commit the crime, then, by all means, arrest Madonna and charge her with the appropriate crime.

Besides, blowing up the White House is not even a new thought. The fourth airplane in the September 2001 terrorist attacks was destined for the White House and/or the Capitol before the passengers of that flight subdued the terrorists and crashed in Pennsylvania. It is far more likely that any one of a million foreign terrorists will attack the White House before Madonna or one of her fans makes an attempt.

I saw Madonna’s words as metaphorically inciting listeners to political action rather than urging them to violence. They don’t warrant criminal charges. The real crime is that people whose only credentials for being given a national stage with which to express their political opinions are mostly vacuous celebrities of one sort or another. Madonna probably views those moments in the spotlight more as free publicity and ego-stroking than she considers them an attempt at meaningful political debate.

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent– The comments made by Madonna and other celebrities who parrot the same malicious and dangerous comments in the public square do need to be held to the same standards as everyone else and criminal charges should be brought on those that are inciting crimes against the presidency and the United States.

Hollywood has made a practice of expressing itself through any means possible. It can be Twitter, facebook and other social media, or they make other insidious remarks through statements and threats at public events, like women’s marches and awards programs. They make other snide comments through other Hollywood figures, like Michael Moore, Robert DeNiro, Meryl Steep, and other types-singers, models and reality television celebrities.

They love to spew their nonsense to newspapers, tabloids and magazines and on radio or television programs as well as through their own websites. Awards ceremonies have been their sounding board for some time, but they have ramped up that rhetoric from the award podiums, even more so since Donald Trump won the presidency.

The elites of Hollywood will do whatever they can to destroy the Trump presidency along with their team of Democrat co-conspirators in the halls of Congress, and the dregs of paid dissidents and rioters on the streets, on the sidewalks and in the airports of America. They are simply regurgitating and parroting the same false and slanderous messages of Hollywood and the liberal Democrats.

Hollywood has proven itself to be a dangerous breeding ground for all things perverse, liberal and hash tag mania “never this or that.” They want to incite people on the left to do their bidding for them through further disruption of the Trump administration and its plans to set the country back on course after eight years of progressive thought, actions and unconstitutional lawmaking, which Hollywood celebrates, admires and venerates.

Hollywood is just as angry about the outcome of the 2016 election as their legions of liberal leftwing followers, and they and are seeking their brand of justice in any way they can. Hollywood has made itself one of the outlandish spokespersons for not only the Democrat Party, the liberal loons who follow them and anyone misled enough to buy into their message. The left is in full attack mode and Hollywood is playing its part in the overall plan.

Hollywood turncoats have no understanding of the country and they still refuse to acknowledge or understand why Donald Trump is the president. Their refusal to accept reality has given place to manipulation, threats, and outright damaging and dangerous statements that threaten the presidency and the American people.

Until Hollywood and the left come to grips with reality and accept the inevitable of the Trump presidency, and abide by the law of the land, they are highly susceptible to being charged with criminal intent and other crimes against the president and the country. They need to be punished for their actions, like any other citizen would be. Making them accountable for their actions may be one of the few ways to finally make Hollywood aware of the errors of their ways, but that is hard to say with personalities that really have no concept of what America is about other than in their own distorted viewpoints.

When you are clueless in Hollywood, there is little hope for rehabilitation. Maybe as the Trump presidency moves along, they’ll calm down, but Hollywood will still be crafting the story lines, writing the scripts and manipulating the endings, just like they are trying to do with the Trump presidency. The problem is they just can’t get the story right. Maybe some serious convictions and jail time will persuade them to fabricate another script.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– While I would dearly love to see Ms. Ciccone (or whatever her last name is this week) brought up on federal charges, that would be exactly the sort of action she and her trashcan lid-beating ilk would feed on to whip their followers into a frenzy. Law enforcement authorities are allowed a certain degree of discretion. If the brain-melted alcoholic pushing a shopping cart in the park starts yelling that he wants Trump dead, he’ll most likely be told to leave the park or ignored. If a known militia member starts circulating White House blueprints and mumbling about how he’s mapped out entry points, he’s going to get a visit from some large men in dark suits taking him to a hole in the ground.

Since Madonna has every bit as much credibility and intellectual heft as Stumbling Lenny, I say we treat her as such. However, perhaps she can be banned from performing in any venue which receives any sort of government funding. I’m sure just about every arena in the country is tapped into the federal money pipeline in some obscure way. Surely some of those smart fellows in the GAO or OMB can find a lever to use to narrow her choice of arenas so much that she’ll end up trying to get Lenny out of the way so her crew can set up her busking spot.

This woman has lived her life courting and engendering controversy in various forms. Her minimal artistic talents wouldn’t have survived this far if she didn’t have a talent for pot-stirring that keeps her name in the tabloids whenever she chooses to put it there. Don’t arrest her … just ignore her and find subtle ways to make it more difficult for her to spread her hateful messages around. That’s the best punishment of all.

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent– I am sick and tired of having to deal with these people – stupid people. My goodness, they are everywhere! Not only am I forced to encounter them on the daily, but crap, even when I turn on my TV they are there too. In fact, what this person did on TV topped it all. Yes, Madonna said she felt like blowing up the White House. What the hell?????!!!

Yes, Madonna says she’s “angry”, and in her frustration, she said she felt like blowing up the White House. Hahahha! From what’ve heard, the Feds are looking into it, and rightly so. These Hollywood figures should feel the wrath of the law and be treated as a normal person would have been treated. In fact, I agree with what Wendy Williams said on her show. She mentioned that if it was someone black, their ass would be grass! That’s true, the entire American society would be disgracing the black community.

Madonna and any other public figure, or the common man, should be investigated if they made an announcement of that nature. No one is too rich or poor to commit an atrocity. These ones should be investigated and charged criminally if warranted. I am sick and tired of this nonsense. If I could crawl away into a cave and hide, I would but then the media would probably find me and I’d become a famous cave woman. Make an example and show Madonna that what she did is DEFINITELY not ok.

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