Has the Democrat Party become the party of hate and destruction and are their actions anti-American?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent- Americans aren’t sucking up to what the Democrats are selling. While the president’s approval rating is hitting rock bottom due to his constant emotional tirade on Twitter, belligerent immigration ban proposal, and alleged conspiracy with Russia, the Democratic Party is still not a fave.

In fact, the Democratic Party was recently reviled (individual will remain nameless), and called “a party of hate and destruction”. The Party was also labeled “anti-America”. I’m not taking sides on this one. In fact, I’m simply highlighting what’s happening and how people feel.

Just to recall a recent incident, an amendment was considered by the U.S. Senate, which was backed by 72% of US voters. This amendment would have given Americans the privilege of importing ‘cheap prescription drugs from Canada’. Americans saw this as an ideal solution that would be cost-effective for Americans and save thousands of dollars. However, despite the support and goodwill of that amendment, it failed, because it had 14 Democratic Senators rejecting it.

Allegedly, Democrats are more inclined toward making a profit, rather than coming to the aid of sick Americans in dire need of help.

Since the interests of the Democratic Party clearly does not align with that of America’s, they are deemed anti-America. Depending on how you look at it, I guess every other country is anti-America, but that’s none of my business.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– The Democratic Party could only become the “party of hate” if it could get organized, and right now its members can’t agree on anything long enough to hold a bake sale, much less develop a strategy of hatred toward any one target.

Individual Democrats, and those of a liberal bent in general, are however far more versed in working social media and other mass-communication channels than their conservative counterparts, on the whole. This has led to a tremendous outpouring of anti-Trump and anti-GOP vitriol, some of it rising to the level of death threats and calls for armed revolution. (The anti-gun party wanting to stage an armed uprising? With what?)

Hatred is coming from both the left and the right at an alarming rate, but that from the left is more organized. The right-wing hate tends to come more from lone wolves than entire packs, but in some respects that makes it more dangerous and harder to detect. A thousand people screaming for the death of a political figure are easy to spot. One lone nut polishing his shotgun and writing a target list is a lot harder to find.

As for being un-American: That’s the sort of brickbat charge that’s thrown at anyone who doesn’t agree with the beliefs of the one making the accusation. America is a mutt-infested melting pot of beliefs, practices, taboos and sacred cows, and trying to define whether an action is or is not “American” is like trying to pick which Cheerio is the roundest in your morning bowl of cereal.

As long as they’re not violating any established laws, let the Democrats stomp their sour grapes all they want. When they start setting fire to buses and looting business, lock them up and throw away the key.

Which makes for a lovely segue into the final topic…

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The Democrat Party, particularly in the last several elections has produced an unrecognizable party. The party of Blue and Yellow dog Democrats no longer exists and the current actions of the party have only confirmed that it is a party of hate, destruction and anti-Americanism. They have no clear message to offer their followers, and the message they do send is one of blame, disorganization and chaos.

There is little doubt in the minds of many Americans that the Democrats were influenced in their manipulative strategies and non message throughout the Obama years and now they are paying the price for their actions and inactions. The party is full of unresolved bitterness and failed policies, and they are convinced that those on the right have obstructed, distracted and prevented them from accomplishing their progressive objectives for the country.

Democrats have adopted a strategy of deliberate disjointedness with no other direction in mind other than pacifying their dwindling base. They have become everything dastardly, and worse, and want to accuse anyone or anything conservative for their problems. They have blatantly abused and ignored the principles of the Constitution, the rule of law, other laws governing the functioning of the country, and the American people in general.

The refusal of Democrats to come to grips with the outcome of the 2016 election has contributed even further to their downfall. Their constant undermining of those on the right and their endless accusations and attempts to unseat Donald Trump has reached the point of sedition. Their non-policy platform has taken them down a dark road of no return, from which they are trying to scramble their way out of through a new DNC leader, summer resistance programs and trips to Red States to deliver their supposedly redrafted message.

Failure to recognize their own weaknesses as a party and their inability to address the problems of everyday Americans in favor of a global worldview have been the major stumbling blocks of the Democratic party, and those deficiencies have given the party an anti-American label.

The Democrat’s choice of an entitled presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton and the acceptance of her criminally related endless baggage and her years of benefiting from the political system have demonstrated another big selection mistake on the part of Democrats. The party’s lack of awareness and an extremely weak national platform geared away from Americans created even more hatred of Democrats and distrust of the political system.

To make matters worse, their manipulation and interference with the Bernie Sanders campaign made the whole push for Clinton even more suspect. Sander’s platform of bringing government back to the people and taking on special interests in D.C. was far removed from anything related to Hillary Clinton’s aspirations for the country. In this case, Bernie had to be out of the picture as a candidate. These actions greatly disturbed Democrats in support of Sanders and the ideas he professed.

The Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) email leaks were the topping on the cake for beleaguered Democrats as were the discoveries of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails as well as her Russian connections and other questionable actions as secretary of state. There was no doubt that Democrats supported a deeply flawed and out of touch candidate.

Democrats have removed themselves from the process of legislation and they lack the initiative and interest to better the country through bi-partisan efforts. Their refusal to cooperate with the president and their ongoing “get” Trump syndrome are wearing thin. They have no plans for their party, so they will search, but in the meantime, they will continue to use Russia as an excuse to defame the president and will turn over every rock looking for wrongdoing of any kind on the part of conservatives, while they ignore the work of the people. They better get a plan soon or there will be no supporters to support the plan and they may just have to give themselves a “going away party.”

Owatonna, MN correspondent– As is typical with every shift of power from liberal to conservative, when the Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential election and ceded control of the legislative and executive branches of government to Republicans, their party fell into disarray and succumbed to finger-pointing and scapegoating. It was natural for some of that negative energy to be channeled toward animosity toward Republicans, or anyone who voted for Donald Trump. Some of those actions did involve vocal protests and violence, and many Democrats have taken an aggressive stance toward those who don’t agree with their politics.

But I stop short of describing Democrats as the party of hate and destruction because that’s an inflammatory phrase that further widens the gap between the two parties. The recent shooting of Republican Representative Steve Scalise and others by a professed Clinton supporter is a Democratic example of “hate and destruction.” Conservatives who attack and/or murder doctors who performed abortions are equally guilty of hate and destruction.

I wish I could define these violent acts as “anti-American” or un-American, but the sad fact is we are a violent nation and have been since our founding. That violence has little to do with the Second Amendment. It is mostly due to our foreign policy of nation-building, “making the world safe for democracy,” and our penchant for barging into other parts of the world (the Middle East) and taking what we want (oil) without asking permission or treating the “invaded nations” fairly, both monetarily and politically.

The Democratic Party will only become the party of hate and destruction when it officially adopts those planks into its party platform. But they are in deep trouble until the Republicans (led by Mr. Trump) pull the political pendulum so far to the right that the majority of Americans put a stop to that folly by correcting the imbalance and vote to either equalize the political power or give the Democrats another majority for a few years.

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