Will the new relationship between The US and North Korea lead to real peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-President Trump’s summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was historic and significant only in that it was a first of many small steps toward creating a better relationship between the two nations. Most experts have said nothing substantial came out of the summit in terms of tangible policy like North Korea following through on its promise to denuclearize. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Boxe Releases Transcript of Q&A Session from Independence Day 2018 Champagne Summit

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL and Washington, D.C. July 31, 2018—Thinking Outside the Boxe has released the transcripts of the question and answer session from its Independence Day Champagne Summit held in Orlando on July 4, 2018.  Participants in the annual Champagne Summit question and answer session included Thinking Outside the Boxe’s correspondents from Gastonia, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Owatonna, Minnesota.  Digger Cartwright, internationally acclaimed award-winning mystery novelist, also participated in the question and answer session.

Thinking Outside the Boxe’s Champagne Summit provides an opportunity for business leaders, economists, political commentators, and individuals interested in nonpartisan examination of current events to gather for an afternoon of debate and roundtable discussions on a variety of topics.  This year’s event featured topics such as pollution and the environment, geopolitics such as the US/North Korea summit, gun control, tariffs, taxes and economic policy, the US Supreme Court, privacy concerns and Big Data, technology, and more.

The transcript is available at www.ThinkingOutsideTheBoxe.com.  Transcripts of Mr. Cartwright’s responses have not been released by his office as yet.

About Thinking Outside the Boxe—Thinking Outside the Boxe is a private, nonpartisan think tank that is dedicated to providing a wide variety of perspectives on issues that are of interest to the general public.  The views that are expressed in Thinking Outside the Boxe’s commentaries and research are often times uncommon, provocative, and controversial.  Thinking Outside the Boxe’s mission is to formulate and promote positions and to provide research, independently, that would otherwise be deprived of an outlet in the mainstream media.  Thinking Outside the Boxe’s commentators and researchers seek to broaden the parameters of public knowledge by addressing issues in such a fashion as to provoke thought and debate on some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Thinking Outside the Boxe’s Champagne Summit series began as a side event to the annual symposium held in December each year.  Increased interest in these events by participants and guests led Thinking Outside the Boxe to include an Independence Day Champagne Summit and an Election Day Champagne Summit (every two years) in addition to the annual symposium.


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What can be done about reducing the amount of plastic trash from numerous sources that are seriously threatening the oceans?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Plastic is ubiquitous in modern daily life because of its light weight, malleability, and versatility in making hundreds of different products from straws to containers to automobile parts to siding for houses. It’s generally accepted plastic has been positive for the world in many ways. But the downside of this wonder material is its slow decomposition rate due to the fact that plastic is composed of large molecules. Continue reading

Antifa groups are emerging across the United States. Should they be stopped or allowed to engage in their protests?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent– Antifa (short for anti-fascist) groups appear to be a modern-day version of groups like the Black Panthers in the 1960s, and less well-known anarchists who came to prominence around the time of the rise of communism in the early 20th Century. Anarchists favor no government whatsoever. Fascism is an ideology that promotes nation and race above the individual and requires a dictatorial rule. Continue reading

Has the Democrat Party become the party of hate and destruction and are their actions anti-American?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent- Americans aren’t sucking up to what the Democrats are selling. While the president’s approval rating is hitting rock bottom due to his constant emotional tirade on Twitter, belligerent immigration ban proposal, and alleged conspiracy with Russia, the Democratic Party is still not a fave. Continue reading

Columbus Day is being attacked as it has been in the past and a number of states have eliminated the holiday altogether. Is this another stab at suppressing America’s early history?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– The brouhaha over Columbus Day has been going on for decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The promotion of more politically correct objects of honor in place of Columbus has been a cause celebre among the wine, cheese and false equivalency crowd, the same folks who get their knickers in a twist over the Washington, D.C., football team’s name. Continue reading

Upselling has become part of internet sales tactics. Is this practice turning off consumers, or has it simply become a distraction from an original point of sale?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent– Upselling is a sales technique that is most often used with various internet sales and services as well as everyday purchase interactions. The seller attempts to persuade a customer to buy more costly items, upgrades or other add-ons to bring about a more profitable sale. Usually the process involves the marketing of more money making services or products, or it can simply involve exposing customers to other available options that are at low to no cost. Continue reading

Are there benefits to a border solar wall between the American southern border and Mexico? If so, what are they?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– It’s a bit hilarious to me that we’re still talking about the border wall. After all the campaign statements Trump made that have not come to fruition, we still believe he’s going to have Mexico pay for a gigantic physical wall that will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture? Continue reading

Do gender based reading materials damage boys and girls and should they be removed from elementary school classrooms?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent- Working from the assumption that the term gender-based reading material means books and other print media that feature characters who don’t identify as heterosexual males or females, I’ll say quite equivocally, “it depends.” Too much gender-based reading material sends the message that students might be “abnormal” if they are a heterosexual male or female. Little or no gender-based reading material sends the message that only two types of people exist in the entire world, and anything other than heterosexual male or female is abnormal. In either extreme, I don’t believe most students would be damaged. Children are usually much more flexible and tolerant than adults. These sorts of reading material shouldn’t be removed from classrooms, but they should be used judiciously and with sensitivity to the cognitive abilities of young students. Continue reading