With the prevalence of online shopping what incentive is there to retain brick and mortar retail locations?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL December 25, 2015

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The prevalence of online shopping has put a dent in the incentive to retain a brick and mortar presence in regular shopping locales.  Actual retail locations that are not associated with major giants such as Walmart, Sears, Macy’s, Kohl’s, J. C. Penney, Nordstrom’s and others, face fewer sales, business decline, and possible closings, but there are remedies and incentives to retain brick and mortar stores in spite of increases in internet transactions. Continue reading

“Success” Has Been A Topic Of Conversation in Politics and The Business World Lately. How Should We View Success These Days?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL, October 8, 2015

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Success these days needs to be viewed on a number of different levels, as it can be a hard thing to achieve if the right principles and plans are not in place.  The current economic climate can make success even more difficult (to almost impossible) to achieve without careful planning, analyzing and strategizing long before investing in a career path or specific business venture.  Success itself should be viewed as reaching goals and objectives that are achieved in ways that produce a well-rounded, balanced and productive life with a sufficient income flow to promote a healthy lifestyle, while maintaining clear direction and control of a career or business. Continue reading

Many Publicly Traded Companies Organize ” Conferences” Or “Seminars” For Employees, Franchises, Etc. Is This An Appropriate Use Of Company Funds?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-It seems that most publicly-traded companies such as American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, Viacom, and hundreds of other companies associated with the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and NYSEMKT (formerly known as the American Stock Exchange),  organize and offer conferences and seminars for their employees and others, with the thought in mind of looking at more than just profits but also viewing the underlying benefit of treating employees in an admirable fashion, which is a positive benefit of retaining the best of the best while rewarding employees for their loyalty, dedication and hard work. Continue reading

Are Women Being Given Advances In The Workplace Based On Merit Or Do Companies Feel Pressured To Do This By The Media’s Focus On Women In The Workforce?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL, April 3, 2015 

Asheville, NC Correspondent– Despite the recent publicity surrounding the hiring of a few female executives, the promotion of women to high ranks within companies is relatively rare. In 2014, women comprised less than 15% of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO’s. Only 3% of creative marketing directors are women. Less than 9% of top management positions are held by women across the entire economy. In technology, where these promotions have been most public, women still lag far behind men in rates of promotion. Women hold only 9% of senior management or higher positions. Continue reading

Digger Cartwright on lack of work ethic and professionalism

Have you ever noticed the lack of work ethic and professionalism in America today? It never ceases to amaze me in my own organizations and those of others. You would think that in these challenging economic times and when America is losing its competitiveness to companies overseas that Americans would be working harder to improve their own livelihoods and protect their jobs.  Continue reading

2013 Symposium: How Cam Employers Maintain Standards Of Customer Service? Higher Wages? Stricter Rules?

Cartwright: It’s really about creating a corporate culture around customer service and creating an environment where the employees are happy and want to come to work. A happy employee provides good customer service. An unhappy employee provides poor customer service. If your corporate culture is bad and you pile on stricter rules, you just alienate the employees and customer service spirals out of control as it gets sucked down the drain. I personally believe that if you take care of your employees then they will take care of you and your business. I’ve found that some of the best customer service comes from small businesses. They have a very family oriented environment with the employees. The bigger the organization gets the more corporate bullshit that gets involved; employees are less happy and this manifests in lower standards of customer service. Continue reading

2013 Symposium: Should Entrepreneurs Be Rewarded Or Punished For Starting A Business?

Cartwright: Absolutely, you should be rewarded for entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is. Add the government taxes on top of that and it becomes even more difficult. Wonder why businesses are losing their competitive advantage against foreign businesses? Labor costs and taxes. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. But let’s look at the reality. Most small businesses are LLC or S-corps that are taxed at the individual level. So, they’re paying self employment taxes and individual income taxes on the profits of the business. It adds up real quick. When you have to factor in the cost of taxes, you may work all year and come up with very little once you pay Uncle Sam who’s going to allow politicians in Washington to squander your hard earned dollars. Continue reading

Top Problems Plaguing America by Digger Cartwright

America is in crisis.  We are a nation in decline as a result of society’s own hedonism, greed, and self destruction.  Our problems are rooted not only in our dysfunctional political system but in the dysfunctional state of society itself, both of which have become increasingly more dysfunctional over the last decade.  Americans’ perceptions of our problems are divided along political lines, which tends to cloud the judgment of individuals and take the discussion away from the cause of the political problems to a debate over political ideology.  Each and every American shares part of the blame for the problems plaguing our nation, and if we don’t address the problems individually, as a society, and as a nation, they will continue to grow and like a cancer consume our health and vitality, eventually killing the foundation upon which our nation was established and the foundations of our society. Continue reading

What Does the Future Hold for Apple?

From Thinking Outside the Boxe’s Sydney Correspondent
For the best part of 35 years, the singular vision of Steve Jobs took Apple from a company that made some of the world’s first PC’s into a hugely popular global brand that has changed the way we interact with technology through the introduction of revolutionary products such as the ipod and iphone. Indeed it is hard to imagine any other company that has ever produced such devotion among consumers with people lining up overnight to be among the first to get their hands on the latest phone. When looking at Apple and asking where it is headed it is important to think of it more of a brand than a company. This has been the key to it’s success in the past and holds the key to its future. With Jobs’ death, Tim Cook has inherited the position of CEO and is in the unenviable position of trying to fill Jobs’ sizeable shoes. Of course there will never be another Jobs, so can Cook maintain Apple’s success in the long term. With profits slowing that question is being asked by more and more people. Continue reading