Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO billionaire wants a commitment to basic universal income. Should this be a universal right?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– The Basic Universal Income is a pipe dream much beloved by overly peppy future theorists, fuzzy headed socialists and the sort of people who think that if you put a freshly baked cookie on the table among six children, they’ll divide it up evenly out of the goodness of their hearts. Continue reading

Does removing names of racist historical figures from public buildings and landmarks adequately compensate for the negative aspects of America’s history?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-John C. Calhoun, the pro-slavery senator and vice-president from the pre-Civil War era, is being eradicated from the history books in some locations, apparently due to his politics. His name has been removed from a building at his alma mater, Yale University. A Minneapolis lake bearing his name for almost two centuries may revert to its original Dakota name, Bde Maka Ska (White Earth Lake), because the area around the lake is sacred to the Dakota people and Calhoun advocated repression of Indian tribes as well as slavery. Continue reading

Will the constant use of emojis and emoticons lead to the downfall of communication skills?

Sheffield Jamaica Correspondent-I love expression. Like body gestures and sign language, emojis and emoticons are great ways to express oneself, especially in situations where the right words cannot be found to convey what is being expressed. To supplement, it’s quick, easy, and even an idiot can send one. You’ll agree, not all idiots possess proper communication skills, right? Continue reading

Antifa groups are emerging across the United States. Should they be stopped or allowed to engage in their protests?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent– Antifa (short for anti-fascist) groups appear to be a modern-day version of groups like the Black Panthers in the 1960s, and less well-known anarchists who came to prominence around the time of the rise of communism in the early 20th Century. Anarchists favor no government whatsoever. Fascism is an ideology that promotes nation and race above the individual and requires a dictatorial rule. Continue reading

Columbus Day is being attacked as it has been in the past and a number of states have eliminated the holiday altogether. Is this another stab at suppressing America’s early history?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– The brouhaha over Columbus Day has been going on for decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The promotion of more politically correct objects of honor in place of Columbus has been a cause celebre among the wine, cheese and false equivalency crowd, the same folks who get their knickers in a twist over the Washington, D.C., football team’s name. Continue reading

Is there a balance between the Internet of Things and Security? Have we compromised our security for the convenience offered by the Internet of Things?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Kellyanne Conway made news this week for her statement that our microwave ovens could be spying on us. Internet memes by the thousands sprang up, showing everything from Kellyanne herself to Chris Hansen of “To Catch A Predator” fame to the Eye of Sauron peeking out from microwaves on counters, over stoves and in cabinets. Continue reading

What are the benefits of local Farmers Markets versus large grocery chains and big box stores?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-There are a number of benefits of utilizing local farmer’s markets versus large grocery chains and big box stores. For one thing, produce shoppers are interested in freshness rather than lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables that have been harvested too soon and have been sitting in vegetable and fruit bins longer than they should have been which contributes to lower nutritional value, freshness and taste. Continue reading

Is “good enough” the new standard for manual labor, and pride in your work a thing of the past?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent– It’s difficult to generalize about the quality of work because quality is usually a subjective measure. My standard for what constitutes a good job may differ from other people’s standards. A worker may be praised for his work quality by his immediate supervisor, but the big boss may be dissatisfied with that same job. Continue reading

Prison Inmates in a Colorado have been given computer tablets to use to call family, play games, read and listen to music. Is this a good or bad move?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent-Inmates aren’t saints. In fact, the reason for their confinement is because of the lack of regard they’ve shown for life and others. They’ve done the crime; hence, doing the time. Of late, however, inmates in Colorado were seen with computer tablets to use for communication, entertainment, and research. Though the mass might disagree, I do believe that’s a good move, at least for several reasons. Continue reading