Is the liberal mainstream media on the brink of collapse?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The liberal mainstream media appears to be on the brink of collapse for a number of reasons. Print media has been downgraded by the dawning of the digital age and the breakdown of the way newspapers conduct business, not to mention layoffs and buyouts by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Newspaper reporting has gone further to the left in its ideology and is bent on biased reporting, underreporting, not reporting, as well as twisting and turning news reports to the benefit of the left and others on the fringes, which is indirectly and directly designed to disfavor conservative views to the detriment of the president and those currently in control of the federal government.

The mainstream media networks have also faced problems with new technologies and changes in viewing habits and loss of viewership, which have presented the television news industry with an array of challenges in the operation of everyday news reporting.

Despite the more technical aspects of news reporting dilemmas, whether in print or through televised newscasts, the key problem with the mainstream media today, and in the past, has been their blatant bias towards the establishment and the candidates, politicians, bureaucrats and ideologies they favor.

Whether it was Hillary Clinton or other Democrats running for office, the mainstream media’s hostility has been directed towards anyone or anything that opposes the views of their candidates and their news outlets. Any claim to fame through supposed objectivity and trustworthiness with information was literally destroyed through the 2016 election and has further underscored their demise.

The mainstream media can no longer deny that they have become the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. Democrats failed with their candidate for the presidency, and they continue to fail with their refusal to accept the 2016 election results. Their attempts to take down President Trump and his administration through the Russian election connection, obstruction of justice with the Comey investigation, various Twitter controversies, executive decisions, foreign policy matters and the ongoing disputes with CNN (fake news) have all been to their detriment.

The media has been complicit with the Democrats in all of their attempts to destroy the Trump candidacy, presidency and his policies, and they collaborated with others in the past campaign season to bring Hillary Clinton to the forefront of the Democrat party while denigrating her challenger Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Trump was pummeled with an unceasing wave of hostile coverage and belittlement throughout his candidacy, his election, inaugural and the last six months of his administration. The mainstream media and the Democrat party have been relentless in their pursuit of Trump.

As the mainstream media continues to lose viewership and viewers become more and more aware of the destructive actions of the media, real news watchers will and have turned to alternative news sources. The MSM’s lack of trustworthiness, standards, fairness and balance has created a vacuum in viewership and even loyal followers have gone elsewhere.

Cable news outlets have drawn their line in the sand and have chosen to take the low road in their utter refusal to report on important issues in favor of leftist ideology, gossip, innuendo, and fabricated stories. They cannot sustain their viability as reliable news sources and will at one point collapse under the weight of their decisions.

Sheffield Jamaica Correspondent-Mainstream media plays a vital role in the outworking of the country. People have always relied on what’s distributed in the media to make daily decisions and be informed about the country’s affairs. However, what happens when people can no longer rely on what’s coming from mainstream media?

Yep, you guessed it! There’s a breakdown. In fact, rumour has it that mainstream media might be on the verge of a collapse. Like a sinking ship, mainstream media is losing its anchor.

Mainstream media is obliged to provide balance and stability regarding how reporting is done. Though weighty a responsibility, the people rely heavily on how Journalists purport themselves. However, as it stands, the stench betrayal grasping the hands of American is evident.

Nothing of this nature has been swept under the rug or done covertly, since Journalists have spoken (and written) that reporting the “facts” isn’t their obligation. This ideology will be the end of mainstream media. While the media is solely an entity protected by the Constitution, it’s anticipated that the truth is made known.

Americans should be given facts to discern for themselves and make conclusive decisions, not yield to the dictatorship of the media. Hence, Journalists are prohibited from distributing their own agenda, other than what’s true to the American people.

Lies and propaganda have no place in the media. If that continues, mainstream media will collapse.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-First off, the notion that we have a “liberal” mainstream media is one with which I disagree. I’m part of the mainstream media, as a news copy editor, and deal with issues of bias on a weekly basis. These sorts of accusations fly back and forth constantly, but thanks to the internet, most specifically Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere, media critics have huge platforms on which to present their custom-picked (and often misquoted or only partially quoted) screeds.

The lessening of viewership of network news, not to mention the near-collapse of the newspaper industry, is not a function of any liberal bias, and in fact has been in progress since long before “Fox and Friends” began claiming that CNN and the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer were trying to destroy the Trump administration and the American Way. It’s a simple matter of technology and attention spans. Televisions are big objects, and a half-hour newscast takes, well, a whole half hour to watch! It’s so much easier to type in a few keywords on YouTube and call up a five-minute podcast that will reinforce all your preconceived notions and not challenge you to think about things objectively.

This is how hectoring blowhards like Alex Jones, whose tinfoil hat appears to have more than a few holes in it, have drawn huge audiences. He sidestepped the usual media channels and went straight to his audience, drawing them to his radio show and his numerous online outlets. For the fringe dwellers, his show is like a hug from Mom. Multiply Alex by 10,000, and you’ve got the alternative media community: unvetted, poorly sourced, badly written and yammering like a madman in a bus shelter.

No, the mainstream media isn’t going to completely collapse, but until it finds a way to compete with the far more nimble and flashy online news world, it’s going to be hurt.

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-If we define the liberal mainstream media as including the largest newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today along with the Big Three TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as large radio stations that cater to mass markets, then yes, liberal mainstream media may indeed be on the brink of collapse.

However, collapse may also be imminent for conservative mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, New York Post, Fox News, and radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh (who to me is more of an entertainer than a reputable media outlet).

The reason both ends of the mainstream media are in jeopardy is simple, and one often lost in the shuffle of politics and power struggles for ideological supremacy: demographics. Baby Boomers are beginning to die off in increasing numbers. The oldest, born in 1946, are now in their early 70s. That generation grew up in the heyday of radio, the ascendency of network television, and the era when almost everyone in the country had access to a daily newspaper.

Today’s younger generations are more likely to get their news from infotainment shows like Comedy Central’s Daily Show, snippets from internet news outlets, or from conversations with friends and relatives. Furthermore, it seems that young people as a group are more ignorant of politics and current events than the older generations. Either that or they choose not to get swept up in the partisan bickering that has increased the chasm between liberals and conservatives on most issues.

All mainstream media are on the brink of collapse because they haven’t been responsive enough to foresee the changing news consuming habits of this country and maintain their audience. One can only hope that the silver lining in the collapse of mainstream media will be an increase of individuals who learn to think for themselves because they no longer blindly swallow the propaganda of the largest and most influential news outlets, either liberal or conservative.

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