Do terrorist attacks in Europe prove that a travel ban is necessary?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Attacks in Europe do prove that a travel ban is necessary. With countries in Europe dealing with current terrorist activities along with almost literal refusals to protect themselves from dangerous activists within and outside of their countries, something has to be done to prevent potential terrorists from entering the United States and other countries.

The current travel ban is headed to the Supreme Court for review and many believe it is a necessary factor in securing America. Others will always see it as an unfair target on Muslims wanting to travel and settle in America and other nations, including further invasions of Europe, but without some kind of intervention the attacks will continue to occur in Europe and America.

With no limits on travel, terrorists from Middle Eastern countries in question will continue to slip into America and Western Europe to wreak havoc, and the allowance of this ongoing unchecked activity will only continue to get worse if bans are not instituted.

Europeans are being displaced and dwindling in numbers while Muslims and other refugee invaders are quickly replicating themselves, and Europeans will have to come to the painful realization that their culture and past accomplishments throughout the world are being subjugated by a centuries old Islamic mindset, culture and religion.

It is obvious that politicians in Western Europe are incapable of dealing with the influxes of hordes of Muslim refugees and transplants. There is no sense of direction as to the future with these movements and the instability they have created in countries like England, Germany and France. With no real leadership to combat terrorism and continual concessions made to outsiders, there are questions as to what will become of these countries that have allowed so many to overtake their cultures and replace them with completely different ideologies?

When Muslim refugees or invaders refuse to assimilate and have no respect for the cultures of the host countries and provoke terrorist actions, commit unspeakable acts, institute Sharia law and take over major parts of cities as no-go zones, something must be done to override political correctness and feared “racist” labels. Placating terrorists and their actions will only lead to further attacks, chaos, revolts, and uprisings from real citizens, which could lead to complete takeover by Muslims and the implementation of Sharia and worse.

A travel ban is necessary to protect the United States from the kind of attacks and invasions that Western Europe is now experiencing. With the current numbers of Middle Eastern refugees that have entered the United States up until now, with little to no vetting, there has to be a ban instituted in order to determine exactly who is coming into the country and what their intentions are.

No country’s security and way of life should be threatened by outsiders unwilling to abide by laws and imposing their way of life and terror on sovereign nations. A travel ban is one major way of curbing potential terrorist acts.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Let’s get this out of the way: Travel bans don’t work. It’s reassuring to think we can zipper up our borders and keep all the bad people out, but the simple truth is that, in the immortal words of Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” The people we need to worry about are already within our borders, and a lot of them don’t fit the ethnic profile of those we’d like to think are behind all the bombings, shootings, stabbings, vehicle assaults and all the other ways we humans find to brutalize each other.

Take Wednesday’s shooting at the Republican practice for the annual congressional baseball game. The shooter, who succumbed to injuries sustained when alert Capitol Police shot him down during the incident, was a white male who lived in the suburbs. His social media posts had shown a disdain for the Trump administration, and he owned guns, but had never done anything overt to make anyone think he was a danger.

Based on that attacker profile, a huge portion of the U.S. population could be rounded up. There’s just no way short of blanket NSA surveillance of social media, texting, cellphones and email to even have a prayer of picking out the next random lunatic.

As hard as it is to believe, the fact is that in the current world, no public place is safe. No amount of security is every going to be perfect. No profiling, scanning or observation method is going to pick out every potential threat. Closing our borders to travelers will devastate our tourism industry and irreparably damage the image of the United States abroad, and it won’t make us one whit safer. We will never rid our society of homegrown malcontents, and redirecting our focus to nebulous threats from beyond our borders will leave our belly even more tragically exposed.

Sheffield Jamaica Correspondent-People are fearful. Especially with reports of wars and acts of terrorism, apprehension lurks about. The recent terrorist attack in Europe was no exception. The world keeps groaning together, except of course, the perpetrators. They relish committing diabolical acts. In fact, they yearn for the blood of others.

The recent attack in Europe opened discussion for Trump’s original proposal or intention. The same ban he wants to inflict on the United States, is what he wants to see happen in Europe. Does the recent attack on Europe warrant a travel ban, especially from countries prone to acts of terrorism?

It’s difficult to say. I have mixed emotions about that. I would love to see an end or reduction in terrorist acts, but at the same time, will that truly stop terrorism? I’m skeptical.

On the other hand, imposing a travel ban could spell trouble and wreak havoc for those individuals who wish to seek refuge and asylum in countries like Europe.

I don’t want anyone else to die from terrorism, but I don’t wish to condemn those who have to suffer assault in their home country.

What happened in the heart of London on Saturday night was grievous. Seven people were confirmed dead and up to 48 individuals were injured based on reports from the police.

My heart goes out to all those families. I’ll not pretend that I understand how they feel, but I do know what it feels like to hurt. Their loss(es) was huge and I wish for them safe recovery.

With that said, I’m still skeptical about a travel ban. I just cannot say.

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Terrorist attacks in western countries invariably trigger concerns that the U.S. will be attacked sooner or later. But it’s hard to argue in favor of a travel ban just because of that general correlation. As recent history has shown, America has succeeded in producing homegrown terrorists who have been in the country either from day one or for many years before attacking our citizens. Banning travelers from so-called dangerous countries may stop one or two foreign terrorists, but it’s more likely that someone already in the U.S. will perpetrate the next act of cowardly violence against innocent civilians.

The western world might be wise to examine the reasons why terrorists, most with ties to Islamic nations in the Middle East, continue to escalate their violent attacks against us. The history of the rise of importance of the oil-producing nations since the advent of the internal combustion engine is long and complicated. In simple terms, the West invaded all areas of the world that were shown to have oil reserves and greedily snatched those assets at will. We bullied our way in, took what we wanted, slapped together a haphazard amalgam of dysfunctional nations, put brutal dictators into power who pledged loyalty to our cause, and went on our merry way.

If that had happened in reverse, with foreign forces invading us, grabbing our natural resources, and disrupting our society with arbitrary boundaries and brutal dictators, wouldn’t some of us react similarly to the Middle East terrorists? I think so. Any oppressed society will eventually decide to fight back against its oppressors. We must remember that America was founded by revolution. Although the colonists didn’t resort to terrorism (that I know of), we certainly fought back well enough to gain independence and self-rule.

If our ultimate goal is to stop terrorists from attacking U.S. citizens, then we should first look to cease antagonizing the people of the Middle East with invasions, wars, drone strikes, and oil theft. When that happens, a travel ban that at best will be only minimally successful in preventing terrorism won’t be necessary.

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