Is there a better way to deal with illegal immigrant families than arresting the parents and taking their children?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-The tremendous idiocy and cruelty of separating parents and children at the border has got to stop permanently. The statement that “the law” required the separation was an outright lie, and the outrage didn’t stop until public opinion created a tidal wave of protest and outrage, even among the president’s own party. Continue reading

How can we solve the growing labor shortages and get foreign workers into US jobs where they are needed?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-There are tens of thousands of businesses across the U.S. hanging out help wanted signs for technical and professional jobs that are going unfilled. We simply don’t have the talent base in our native workforce to fill them all, and it will be decades before we’ve got enough workers trained to meet the need…by which time the opportunity will be gone. Continue reading

President Trump has called on the Congress to send him a bill that fixes the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Should this involve amnesty, a path to citizenship, or some other solution to immigration?

Myrtle Beach, SC Correspondent-The ONLY thing it should include is a path to citizenship. There is absolutely no reason to offer amnesty. I don’t want to sound heartless, but it’s not fair to grant amnesty for the sheer fact that their parents brought them over illegally. It’s NOT difficult to become an American citizen. There isn’t much else to say on the subject…become a citizen or leave like everyone else. I have a friend who wanted to come to America at a young age from Germany. So, she joined the American Army as a translator in Germany and went through the legal process to become an American citizen. I don’t know why all of the sudden it’s ok to allow “illegals” to stay. Did they change the definition of illegal without me knowing? Continue reading

Do terrorist attacks in Europe prove that a travel ban is necessary?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Attacks in Europe do prove that a travel ban is necessary. With countries in Europe dealing with current terrorist activities along with almost literal refusals to protect themselves from dangerous activists within and outside of their countries, something has to be done to prevent potential terrorists from entering the United States and other countries. Continue reading

Can society ever lose its fear, distrust and apprehension about immigrants from different races, religions or ethnic groups?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-The only way that society will lose its fear, distrust and apprehension about immigrants from different races, religions or ethnic groups is when immigration laws for both legal and illegal immigrants are fully enforced and legal immigration is reduced to manageable numbers. Continue reading

Current federal and local immigration policies have allowed violent gangs to go untouched in New York. What can be done to stop the unending violence in communities plagued by gang violence?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent– Blaming the gang problem in major cities on the immigration policy is completely ridiculous. Yes, there are gangs made up primarily of immigrants in the major cities, but the gang problem here existed long before those newcomers came on the scene. Anyone who lived through the ‘70s remembers “The Warriors,” the ultraviolent movie that came out in 1979 and chronicled a highly stylized version of life in urban gangs. Continue reading

Should sanctuary cities be prohibited from receiving federal funds or any federal assistance?

Myrtle Beach, SC, & Orlando, FL February 8, 2016

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Sanctuary cities should be prohibited from receiving federal funds or any federal assistance. At the present, sanctuary cities continue to receive such funding, and it is the state and federal government’s responsibility to see that funds are barred from being distributed to any sanctuary city. When federal immigration laws are being ignored, there is no choice but to cut funding to any locality, not in compliance with the law. Continue reading

2014 Symposium: How do we stop the flow of illegal immigrants through our borders?

Asheville: Illegal immigrants are a vital resource for the economy. The depressed wages in the agricultural sector make it possible for many families to put food on the table. Housekeeping and janitorial services provided at sub-minimum wage costs represent a tremendous subsidy for businesses of all kinds. Immigrants who come to America seeking a better life represent the lifeblood of several important industries. Rather than asking what we can do to stop the flow of illegal immigration, we should be asking what we can do to encourage it. Continue reading

2014 Symposium: Should illegal immigrants or any non-citizen be able to receive government financial assistance (i.e. welfare, food stamps, etc.)?

Myrtle Beach: I’ll give this one a RESOUNDING no. I am a 30 year old American female citizen. I work a part time job for 8.00/hour and have no children. Guess what? I “make too much” to receive any sort of assistance. If I had a child that would be another story…but that is an entirely different issue altogether. Now, to be fair I don’t really need it at this very moment in my life; but there was a time when I did, and I was not eligible. Continue reading