Is there a better way to deal with illegal immigrant families than arresting the parents and taking their children?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-The tremendous idiocy and cruelty of separating parents and children at the border has got to stop permanently. The statement that “the law” required the separation was an outright lie, and the outrage didn’t stop until public opinion created a tidal wave of protest and outrage, even among the president’s own party.

Let’s look at the logic, here: What are the chances that a woman would travel for weeks, largely on foot, with all that she owns on her back and two or three children in tow, to come into our country and cause trouble?  It’s ridiculous. People who go to these lengths are showing a tremendous dedication to come to our country, and should be welcomed and assisted in becoming citizens.

Of course, they shouldn’t simply be allowed to enter the country freely, but they also shouldn’t be sent to repurposed prisons.  Accommodations should be made for families arriving, and they should be allowed to stay together and given the help they need. We should treat these people like guests, not criminals.  We have plenty of malcontents within our borders now who do nothing but whine and kvetch about living here, but we’re going to treat people who walk through fire to get here like a threat?  The argument fails. We need to keep our borders protected, but we also must treat those who arrive at them humanely and as honored guests, not criminals.

Owatonna, NC Correspondent-Immigration issues have been a staple of news reporting for decades, yet no problems arising from immigration have been improved or eliminated. Now it seems another crisis has emerged regarding the practice of arresting illegal immigrant parents at the border and removing their children from the parents’ custody. The overarching solution to this problem and all other immigration issues is for Congress to get off their collective kiesters, fix the broken laws, and enforce the laws that make sense and are effective.

Permanent facilities must be built that will allow parents and children to remain in the same location but still segregated. The parents will be “in custody.” The children will get “custodial care.” The difference is the difference between jail and daycare. But at least the parents will know where their children are and will be able to see them daily until their cases are decided.

But as we know, Congress moves slower than the average glacier, so a more immediate fix is needed to address the family separation issue. Why not make use of vacant storefronts, shopping malls, and other large commercial buildings that could temporarily be pressed into service? The government would pay rent for using the buildings in exchange for being able to retrofit the space to house children in one area and their parents in another. Law enforcement personnel would guard the parents in custody. Caregivers would be hired to watch over the children. Each group would be separated but in the same building or complex. Implement an identification and communication system that allows parents and children to stay connected by video or phone at a minimum. Implement liberal visitation policies with strict supervision so children can be physically comforted by parents and talk face-to-face. A remote courtroom can be set up in the building if space permits. This would facilitate speedier resolution of trials and processing of the arrested parents. Not a perfect solution, but better than tent cities surrounded by barbed wire.

The US government has dealt with immigration issues as if they are temporary and if we stall long enough, “things will work themselves out.” This hasn’t worked. Congress needs to make permanent decisions and build permanent facilities to deal with the thousands of immigrants who come to our country each year. Until then, we must think creatively and use all available manpower and facilities to treat every human being with a minimum amount of decency and respect.

Myrtle Beach, SC Correspondent-I have talked about this issue in depth with several people. This isn’t a single issue at stake in this question. First, these laws have been put in place by previous administrations, but haven’t been enforced…why not? Second, NOBODY, and I mean nobody wants to separate families. No…not even Trump. Third, a plan for reuniting them hasn’t been addressed.

To the point I’m not sure of a better way. But, that doesn’t mean we can just keep letting it happen. What do we do? Do we put the children in prison WITH their parents? Do we just take them by the truckload back over the border? There isn’t an easy solution for this problem.

Long story short, they shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. Yes, I understand asylum and things like that, but we can’t just be a “dumping ground” for political and governmental asylum without a plan to help them long term, which I’m all for! I think the blame game needs to stop. WE are not to blame.  The President is not to blame.  The government who implemented the laws is not to blame.  The parents are to blame. Period.

To solve the issue at hand after reminding ourselves who is at fault here, I think it should begin with a reuniting process. Once that process is in place it wouldn’t be a crisis as to “will they ever find each other or see each other again”. Once that process is in place we can move towards a long-term solution to offer some type of help. Whether it be a streamlined process for citizenship, or some other type of program we do need to aid those in need. It’s part of who we are. In the same breath I would also like to point out our own citizens need assistance, children in foster care, veterans, etc. But that’s another issue.

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