Prisons Are Overcrowded And death Row Continues To Grow In Numbers; Which Costs Tax Payers Significant Funds To Maintain, Is It Time To Reform Policies On Death Row Inmates To Shorten The Amount Of Time Spent On Death Row?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL October 9, 2015

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-
I’m going to go counter to a lot of my previously rather conservative views here and state that not only do we not need an “express lane” on Death Row, but we need to re-examine the use of the death penalty overall, especially for those convicted before the advent of the most modern forensic investigation methods. Continue reading

“Success” Has Been A Topic Of Conversation in Politics and The Business World Lately. How Should We View Success These Days?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL, October 8, 2015

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Success these days needs to be viewed on a number of different levels, as it can be a hard thing to achieve if the right principles and plans are not in place.  The current economic climate can make success even more difficult (to almost impossible) to achieve without careful planning, analyzing and strategizing long before investing in a career path or specific business venture.  Success itself should be viewed as reaching goals and objectives that are achieved in ways that produce a well-rounded, balanced and productive life with a sufficient income flow to promote a healthy lifestyle, while maintaining clear direction and control of a career or business. Continue reading

In reference to the recent Ashley Madison hack: the subscribers names were released publicly, should illegally obtained information be allowed to be released publicly? What should be done?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-I’m in the “media business” and an issue that is always at the forefront of our minds when we’re breaking a big story is sourcing. How many times have you seen BuzzFeed, TMZ or some other news-ish site “break” a sensational story that later turns out to be inaccurate, if not completely fabricated? Single-sourcing of news items is what makes this happen. It’s the equivalent of the neighborhood gossip hearing that the preacher is fooling around with the church secretary and running door to door to tell the neighbors without finding out that, in fact, the church hasn’t HAD a secretary for months. Continue reading

Many Publicly Traded Companies Organize ” Conferences” Or “Seminars” For Employees, Franchises, Etc. Is This An Appropriate Use Of Company Funds?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-It seems that most publicly-traded companies such as American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, Viacom, and hundreds of other companies associated with the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and NYSEMKT (formerly known as the American Stock Exchange),  organize and offer conferences and seminars for their employees and others, with the thought in mind of looking at more than just profits but also viewing the underlying benefit of treating employees in an admirable fashion, which is a positive benefit of retaining the best of the best while rewarding employees for their loyalty, dedication and hard work. Continue reading

Is it time to make English the official language of the United States? What could happen either way?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-I surely don’t mind English becoming the official language of the United States, but we need to be sure to specify that it’s American English unless we want to start calling our car hoods “bonnets” and telling Tom Brady he can’t grab the ball with his hand unless he’s the goalie. Continue reading

What Do You Feel Is The Most Pressing Issue For Presidential Candidates In The Upcoming Election And Why?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL September 5, 2015

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-To my mind, the single most important issue facing any presidential candidate in the upcoming election is immigration, because it affects every other issue under consideration.  Until we figure out a way to make our immigration policy into something approaching rationality, we’re going to continue wasting countless time and millions of dollars chasing our tails over what to do about legal and illegal immigrants. Continue reading

Should There Be Regulation On Artificial Intelligence To Prevent a “Rise Of The Machines”?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL August 27, 2015

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-
Hawking, Musk and Gates are really smart guys, and while I’m tempted to give them credit for foresight here and get behind efforts to “pre-regulate” artificial intelligence before Skynet comes on line and starts wiping us all out, I simply can’t bring myself to buy into their doomsday scenario.   The human brain is an insanely complex web of neurons, dendrites and other components my one year of college biology doesn’t allow me to recall clearly.  The most powerful computer on Earth can’t do 1/1000th of what a human brain can do.  It may be able to calculate Pi to tremendous length, beat us at chess, calculate the proper trajectory for a spacecraft to land on Mars or tell traffic lights in what sequence to operate to keep the cars flowing, but it’s actually very limited. Continue reading

The GOP Debate Only Allows The Top 10 Candidates To Participate in The Main Event. Is This A Disservice To Voters?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL August 17, 2015

Asheville, NC CorrespondentIn 2012, the GOP primary debates were a spectacle. A dozen candidates created a debate that was superficial and spectacle-driven. Speaking times were short, questions were shallow, and answers were light on substance. To avoid this, Fox News capped debate entries at 10 for the main event and hosted another debate for other candidates. While voter education was certainly limited by the number of candidates excluded, the limitations of the debate format require this step. The lesson of 2012 is that the debates are meaningful only when the number of candidates doesn’t prevent meaningful exchange of ideas. The addition of a “preliminary” debate prior to the “main event” is an attempt at compromise between inclusion and depth. Continue reading

In The Light Of Cecil, The Protected Lion In Zimbabwe, Being Shot And Killed By The American Dentist Walter Palmer, Do Laws Need To Change Regarding Trophy Hunting Or Hunting For Sport?

Myrtle Beach, SC, Orlando, FL August 11, 2015

Gastonia, NC Correspondent- The arguments in favor of continuing trophy hunting always come back to the fact that hunters support the societies where they hunt by buying permits, hiring guides and spending money on food, lodging and incidentals. Continue reading