What can be done about reducing the amount of plastic trash from numerous sources that are seriously threatening the oceans?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-Plastic is ubiquitous in modern daily life because of its light weight, malleability, and versatility in making hundreds of different products from straws to containers to automobile parts to siding for houses. It’s generally accepted plastic has been positive for the world in many ways. But the downside of this wonder material is its slow decomposition rate due to the fact that plastic is composed of large molecules. Continue reading

Is “net neutrality” a boon or a curse for American consumers?

Cartwright-I’m not worried about it. There is plenty of competition in the market and if it becomes a problem more competitors will spring up. The cost of switching from one provider to another is relatively low, so if your current provider starts charging you for access to Google you’ll probably find a provider who doesn’t. If all the providers get on the same page, some new competitor will pop up with no fees or charges. Take a look at what happened in the cell phone industry and the effects of competition. Most providers used to give you so many minutes and then charge for extra and charge for text service, etc. T-Mobile came along and disrupted the industry by offering an unlimited plan. Who won out? In my opinion, the consumers did.

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-There has been no end of brouhaha and hand wringing over the end of “Net Neutrality” promised by recent changes in federal law. The circuit board-loving set would have us believe that soon we’ll be beset by fees and hidden charges for using everything from Google to Netflix to Facebook depending on which service provider we have. What they miss is that the internet is the Great Democratizer, which has brought the mighty low since the day the first email was sent. Continue reading

Will all workers eventually become freelancers or independent contractors? If so, will this put further downward pressure on incomes?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent– It is difficult to say whether all workers will eventually become freelancers or independent contractors, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the numbers of self-employed individuals have increased by over a million since 2014 and by 2020, almost half of the American workforce will likely be independent workers whether through freelancing, contracting or temporary assignments, so self-employment will likely continue to see ongoing increases. Continue reading

Twitter is censoring pro-life group’s messages. Should Twitter be allowed to do this to groups representing a pro-life viewpoint?

Sheffield, Jamaica Correspondent- I believe in freedom – freedom of religion, creed, and culture. We all have choices to make (irrespective of how folly and ill-advised) and that includes the group of belief systems we cherish. Take for instance, pro-life groups. Don’t they have a choice to choose to support the life of an unborn? Shouldn’t we all support the choice to live and not be flushed down a toilet or drain? Continue reading

Do terrorist attacks in Europe prove that a travel ban is necessary?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Attacks in Europe do prove that a travel ban is necessary. With countries in Europe dealing with current terrorist activities along with almost literal refusals to protect themselves from dangerous activists within and outside of their countries, something has to be done to prevent potential terrorists from entering the United States and other countries. Continue reading

Statistics released from the Labor Department report that over 94 million Americans are either out of work or underemployed. How can this crisis be solved and out-of-work Americans returned to the job force?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-In the long run, the unemployment/underemployment crisis will resolve itself because Baby Boomers, the largest demographic group in the country, are retiring at an increasing rate. Their positions will be filled by younger workers as all generations after the Boomers move up a notch in the workforce.

The real crisis is in the short term—the next five years or so. Training is the big issue. New jobs are being created due to new technology, but schools can’t possibly be at the forefront of training because they are slow-moving dinosaurs with regard to responding to what employers and the marketplace want and need for job skills. Continue reading

A recent Time magazine article indicated a growing number of people using satirical websites, blogs, etc. as their news source. What, if anything, is wrong with this? How should this be addressed?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-An article in last week’s Time magazine examining the way that the fringe elements of both parties get their fake news, conspiracy theories and outright parody thinly disguised as news was a sobering read.

Continue reading

Should the election campaign season be shortened? Is it too long and lengthy of a period for citizens to deal with the endless campaign rhetoric, lawlessness, slanderous insults and gossip-like atmosphere that pervade the campaigns?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-The biggest problem with election season is the party primary process. Candidates are forced to announce their candidacy more than a year in advance of the general election if they wish to generate enough money and name recognition to compete in the earliest primaries. In 2016 the first primaries were held on February 1, and the last were held on June 14. Many candidates campaigned for almost a year before the first primary.  Continue reading

Anti-bullying legislation has been passed in a number or states and has been instituted in schools to prevent bullying of students. Should these laws be extended outside of school premises and provide protection from bullying through the internet and social media?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent-Protection from bullying should not only be instituted in schools but it should extend beyond school grounds as well as into internet and social media occurrences (cyberbullying). Far too many young people and others have been repeatedly bullied in and outside of school and through the internet, which has caused family tragedies and other repercussions. Many students have committed suicide to escape the taunts of bullies.    Continue reading

Narcan, which goes by the generic name naloxone, can be given to a drug user in the middle of an overdose and almost instantly bring them back from the edge. Should tax payer funds be used to provide a “safety net” for drug users?

Gastonia, NC Correspondent-Recently, a “miracle drug” that can save even the most heavily overdosed drug user has come into greater use among the nation’s first responders, medical personnel and even in some states the families of known addicts. Narcan, which goes by the generic name naloxone, can be given to a drug user in the middle of an overdose and almost instantly bring them back from the edge. It is honestly a miracle drug. Continue reading