Symposium 2011: Should employers have the right to require employees to speak English on the job?

RMC:  Absolutely.  It’s a pretty simple question.  If I hire an employee, I should be able to set the rules for my business workplace.  You want the paycheck, you play by my rules.  If you don’t like it, suck it up or quit.


Cartwright:  Yes, no doubt about it.


Michigan:  Here again, should this be an issue?


Sydney:  Yes. This should be obvious to anyone. If two people at a workplace where the boss and other employees only speak English these two people (who speak another language) can say whatever they want about the boss or other employees. This is a ridiculous situation. It means these employees who speak another language can say things about people that would get them fired if they were speaking English. Other employees might also be suspicious that they are being talked about and this could result in conflicts. Essentially you could easily end up with a dysfunctional workplace. And I’m sure that this kind of thing already happens on a daily basis. If they want to whinge about their boss or workmates they should do it outside work.

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