Symposium 2011: Should Puerto Rico be required to make English its only official language if it becomes the 51st state?

Michigan:  We have enough states with problems now.  Why would we want another one?

Sydney:  Of course it should, if English is the official language of the United States as well. In reality I don’t think it would make a lot of difference to Puerto Ricans if they became the 51st State. It seems they are pretty much a defacto State anyway. I’m sure that if English was made the only official language life would go on as normal. It’s not as if the U.S military is going to force everyone to speak English.


Cartwright:  I don’t think we should accept Puerto Rico as the 51st state, so I don’t really care what language they speak. Puerto Rico as the 51st state would be more problems than it is worth, and it will only cost the taxpayers money.  Talk about a redistribution of wealth from taxpayers here.  I think Puerto Rico would constitute the poorest state in the Union if it were admitted.  Unless there’s a way for the United States to make money off of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state and not have additional liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc., I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of them becoming a state.  Simple fact is they need us and we don’t need them, so that makes it a pretty bad deal for the rest of us.


RMC:  Absolutely.  Of course, I’m not in favor of making Puerto Rico the 51st state.  The last thing we need right now is another poor state that will be a massive financial burden on the federal government and the citizens of other states and the taxpayers.  I think the only people supporting this are the people of Puerto Rico who think they’ll get some government handouts and the liberals who want to buy votes.

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