Thinking Outside The Boxe Announces Redesigned Website

Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, & Myrtle Beach, SC  July 18, 2016— Thinking Outside the Boxe and is pleased to announce the completion of the redesigned corporate website, The new site is more streamlined and user friendly.  The redesign was completed with the goal of enabling visitors to quickly access important articles in topics that interest them.  As part of the new design, Thinking Outside the Boxe made all archived articles and content from its extensive library available to the public.  Users will no longer be required to register to access archived articles.  New additions to the website include the Weekly Correspondents Forum in the “Public Articles” section with weekly posts and discussions of relevant economic, political, or social topics or current events.  Readers can also access archives from the Annual Symposiums and Champagne Summits.

The new website also includes information on Conversations on the Bench, Digger Cartwright’s award-winning novel about Thinking Outside the Boxe’s founder and Thinking Outside the Boxe’s former spokesman.  Visitors may also sign up to receive the Daily Political Briefing, a daily newspaper delivered via e-mail.

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