With the Obama administration’s plan to yield control of the technical management of the internet to those in the global community, should Congress prevent the turnover of the internet to foreign interests and the United Nations?

Prescott Valley, AZ Correspondent- The major technology companies, which include Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon and others are now calling for Congress to support the plan for transfer of the technical aspect of the internet to those in the global community. Many in the public, private individuals and internet based companies are wary of this plan because of numerous restrictive and invasive aspects, which likely entail the full run of the internet by rogue and authoritarian regimes that already want ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to become part of the United Nations.

Other critical implications that would probably occur include the ICANN’s antitrust exemption, which gives this internet corporation the right to operate the complete World Wide Web zone.  In effect, the ICANN is a government related entity that makes it the one legal system that interacts and contracts with the Commerce Department. Without ICANN control, the internet can go into a nebulous position and passed to those who will use it for their own benefit and control.   Without an American connection, ICANN would have to be overseen by another government administrator to maintain its antitrust exemption, which does not seem likely at this point in time.

Legislative action has been introduced in Congress by Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Representative Sean Duffy (WI) under the guise of the Protecting Internet Freedom Act, which would stop the transfer of ICANN without the approval of Congress. Without this better-late-than-never congressional intervention, the United Nations could take control of technical aspects of the internet by October 1, 2016, when ICANN would pass from American control to that of the UN and who knows who else.

With the proposal that ICANN be under the control of the United Nations, censorship will undoubtedly occur on a global basis as will the degree of control over the use of the internet by Americans.  It is obvious that the Obama administration has no concern for the takeover of the internet by a government led or inter-government organization (multilateral) resolution, which is an occurrence the president pledged, would not happen.  This is just another indicator of the administration’s global grab of authority, power and relinquishment of one more American interest to undesirables.  So much for the president’s declarations of transparency and lack of respect and integrity for the fate of the American internet and those using it.


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